My Eyes Deceive Roblox game

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Understanding the nuance.

My Eyes Deceive is a horror experience that has gripped the Roblox community with its harrowing narrative. Drawing parallels to psychological thrillers, the game ditches supernatural terrors for unsettling human monstrosities. Due to the sensitive nature of the game’s story and the reaction it received, the developer actually ended up removing the game. It can still be played, though, and so if you’ve just experienced My Eyes Deceive yourself, we’re here to break down its story and ending(s).

My Eyes Deceive Story Summary

Players step into the shoes of a young, nameless girl confined to a basement, her world meticulously controlled by her father. Her life is a loop of mundane tasks: taking pills, eating, sleeping, and receiving distorted tales about the dangers of the outside world through a hatch — her sole connection to her father and his fabricated realities.

The game pivots on a crucial choice that confronts the player when the father inexplicably vanishes for days. With an inkling of doubt and nightmares growing more vivid, the decision to continue taking the medication or reject it becomes the axis on which the narrative tilts.

My Eyes Deceive Good & Bad Endings Explained

Good Ending

Choosing to forsake the pills leads to the ‘good’ ending. In a moment of vulnerability, the father leaves the hatch open, allowing the girl to discover the truth. The pills are sedatives, and his absence was due to a police investigation. This newfound knowledge empowers her to flee, experiencing the outside world’s actuality, a sharp contrast to her father’s horrifying tales.

Bad Ending

Conversely, adherence to the routine — taking the pills — culminates in the ‘bad’ ending. The girl remains trapped in her cycle, naively obedient. It’s subtly revealed that she becomes pregnant, hinting at the father’s vile actions. This ending’s stark reality suggests ongoing abuse and manipulation, leaving the girl in a perpetual state of ignorance and exploitation.

Meaning Behind the Endings Both outcomes present a commentary on control, abuse, and the psychological aftermath of trauma. The ‘good’ ending offers a sliver of hope, a chance for the girl to break free from manipulation. The ‘bad’ ending is a grim reflection of her continued subjugation and the enduring impact of her father’s deceit.

While the game was removed from Roblox due to the original developer’s concerns over recognition and distribution, My Eyes Deceive continues to haunt players on, where the chilling story remains unchanged, offering a stark reminder of the horrors that can lurk behind the facade of familial protection.

Post Credits Scene

Initially, the objects on the table in the post-credit scene were condoms. Yet, upon reflection, they were omitted to avoid cementing the notion of sexual abuse and to preserve the story’s ambiguous conclusion.

Is the Story Based on Real-Life Events?

Although there are evident parallels, the game’s narrative is not a direct reenactment of the Fritzl case. The inspiration came from a specific Reddit post, and while the in-game basement bears a resemblance to the one from the Fritzl case, as shown in a documentary, this was not the primary source material.

The term “papa” used in the game, common in German-speaking areas, was not intended to allude to the Fritzl case. It was chosen as a term of endearment from the girl to her father and was mistakenly believed to be universally recognized.