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My eyes, the googles do nothing!

Surely no adventure into the depths of Khazad-dûm would be complete without an encounter with a cave troll. If you’ve seen Fellowship of the Ring then you’ll remember the iconic battle. Well, in Free Range Games’ survival co-op game Return to Moria there’s more than one to contend with. Cave Trolls lurk in the Mines of the Western Halls, the Lower Deeps, Dwarrowelf, and Barazinbar. Don’t worry, though, there’s an easy way to beat them.

Beating Cave Trolls in Return to Moria

Cave Trolls are divided into two categories: the unarmed and the armed. The unarmed variety depends on brute force, with a repertoire of attacks that include earth-shattering stomps and lethal throws of boulders from afar. Their armed counterparts are even more dangerous, wielding weapons that enable them to unleash a wider range of deadly attacks. To survive these encounters, players must become adept at reading the Trolls’ movements, dodging out of harm’s way rather than attempting futile blocks, which can lead to a swift defeat.

The secret to beating Cave Trolls in Return to lies in exploiting their weakness to sunlight. In certain areas of the game, such as the expanses of Dwarrowdelf, rays of light pierce the darkness. Luring a Troll into these beams can turn the tide of battle instantly, petrifying the creature and leaving it vulnerable to final blows.

However, when the sun is not your ally, patience becomes your greatest virtue. These battles are marathons, not sprints. Go for chip damage and a passive approach to whittle down a Cave Trolls HP.

Before taking one on, ensure that your weapons and armor are in order. The durability of your gear is your lifeline in these prolonged fights, and having a weapon break at a critical moment is obviously not ideal.

That wraps up our guide on how to beat Cave Trolls in Return to Moria. If you’re interested in more content on the game, check out our starter guide — which acts as a hub page for a bunch of useful articles for all skill levels.