hogyoku fragments in type soul

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Raid boss.

If you want to become a Vizard or Soul Reaper in Type Soul you’ll need to collect Hogyoku Fragments. These are important for unlocking the full potential of the class. Here we’ll provide a detailed walkthrough on how to get these Hogyoku Fragments and the steps to initiate the quest to become a Vizard.

Getting Hogyoku Fragments in Type Soul, Explained

Contrary to widespread speculation, Hogyoku Fragments are not items that players can simply find scattered across the game’s world. There are no specific spawn locations for these fragments. Instead, the only way to get Hogyoku Fragments is through participating in raids. These raids include a variety of challenges, including but not limited to:

  • Soul Society Raids
  • Hueco Mundo Raids
  • Wunderlich Raids
  • Faction Raids
  • Clan Raids
  • Limited Time Events (LTE)

Each raid offers a chance to drop a Hogyoku Fragment, with a drop rate of 0.5%. This slim chance reflects the rarity and value of the fragments, indicating that players may need to dedicate significant time to grinding these raids. Keep the following in mind as you take on raids:

  • Given the low drop rate, regularly participating in raids maximizes your chances of securing Hogyoku Fragments.
  • Collaborate with friends or clan members to tackle raids more efficiently.
  • Each raid has its unique challenges. Tailoring your character’s build and strategy to suit these can enhance your performance and, consequently, your chances of obtaining a fragment.

Trading for Fragments

For those looking to expedite the process, trading within the Type Soul community offers an alternative route. The game’s Discord channels are vibrant with players willing to trade various items, including Hogyoku Fragments. However, caution is advised:

  • Verify the Trader: Ensure the person you’re trading with is reputable within the community to minimize the risk of scams.
  • Be Aware of Scams: The community, while mostly supportive, does have individuals with malicious intent. Proceed with caution when engaging in trades.

How to Use Fragments

After gathering 10 Hogyoku Fragments, you can initiate the quest to become a Vizard. This quest culminates in a battle against a Vizard NPC located in Hueco Mondo.

That wraps up how to get Hogyoku Fragments in Type Soul. Whether through the grind of raids or the community-driven path of trading, acquiring these fragments is a big step towards unlocking new powers. For more on the game, check out our article on rerolling.