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Ghostly resource.

In Skull and Bones, Ethereal Ashes are a valuable resource that can be used to craft powerful ship weapons. These ashes are obtained by defeating the ghost ship known as Rode Mangoodin. To keep the resource in steady supply, you’ll want to know where to get Ethereal Ashes in Skull and Bones precisely, and how to use them properly. Let’s take the plunge together, me hearties.

How & Where to Get Ethereal Ashes in Skull and Bones

Loot from Ghost Ships

The primary way to get Ethereal Ashes is by looting the ghost ship, the Rode Mangoodin.

To initiate the encounter with Rode Mangoodin, you must be at least Ship Rank 5 and have completed the Oceans Apart contract. We do, however, recommend you’re Level 8, as that’s the level of the Mangoodin — and it’s a tough battle.

When you’re ready, visit the Oubliette Outpost and speak to the Mysterious Rogue. The ship itself is located in the southwestern area of Port l’Hermine.

How to Beat Rode Mangoodin

Maangodin is a tough customer to take out; it’s invulnerable to all damage types. The only way to reduce this ship’s HP is by focusing on its highlighted weak points, which are marked in red. Mortars are particularly effective for this task, as their Area of Effect can damage multiple weak points simultaneously.

Boarding Ships

Using Ethereal Ashes

Crafting Ship Weapons

Ethereal Ashes serve a super important role in crafting powerful ship weapons in Skull and Bones. One such weapon is the Blue Specter, which requires a combination of Ethereal Ashes and Vengeful Essence. To craft ship weapons using Ethereal Ashes, follow these steps:

  1. Gather the necessary materials, including Ethereal Ashes and other components listed in the weapon blueprint.
  2. Access the crafting menu in Skull and Bones.
  3. Locate the desired ship weapon, such as the Blue Specter.
  4. Select the weapon and confirm the crafting process.
  5. Once crafted, the weapon will be available for use during your seafaring adventures.

Using the Interactive Map to Find Resources

Before we wrap up, a word on the interactive map: you should know by now that Skull and Bones offers an interactive map feature. This tool not only reveals the locations of important items but also acts as a collectible checker. Do make sure you’re getting the most out of your map by using the marking feature. Here’s a rundown on the process in case you’re unfamiliar:

  1. Click on the right side icons to display specific pins or use the search function to find a specific pin by name.
  2. Click on a pin to view its name, description, and relevant media.
  3. Mark a pin as acquired by clicking “Mark as Acquired,” which updates the pin’s status and counter.
  4. To undo a pin’s acquisition, click on it and select “Restore to Unclaimed.”
  5. Keep track of your progress by checking the counters at the bottom left or accessing the checklist icon.
  6. Use additional features such as showing names, hiding pins, and toggling between search and icon modes.

By utilizing the interactive map effectively, you should be able to more effectively search for Ethereal Ashes and other valuable resources in Skull and Bones. For those who haven’t been using it frequently and want help with other resources, we have other similar guide content worth checking out.