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Image source: Arrowhead Games

Too many Helldivers!

It’s fair to say that Helldivers 2 has had a spotty launch, at best. Although widely praised for its fun, satisfying gameplay loop, it has been plagued with launch errors and crashes since its launch. Things are a little more stable after on that front after developer Arrowhead Games’ frantic efforts. But a new problem has reared its ugly head now: its servers are struggling with the number of players. In short, it seems the Helldivers 2 servers are at full capacity.

Helldivers 2 Server Issues

On Saturday 17 December, the Helldivers 2 developer released a statement on its Discord channel. The full statement is reproduced below but, in essence, it explained that the servers are overloaded. Again. Arrowhead Games has made an attempt to partially migrate server to alleviate the issues, but it sounds like only a temporary fix. So much so, they’re asking for more development support.

Image source: Arrowhead Games

Although it’s good to hear that Arrowhead Games are working on a proper fix, there’s notably no timescale on when this may be released.

How to Approach Helldivers 2 Server Problems

The best thing we can do at this stage is sit tight and be patient. It seems that some players are having trouble not with receiving XP and rewards from their efforts. If you’re worried about sinking a lot of time into Helldivers 2 and not receiving anything, we’d suggest holding fire for now. There’s nothing more disappointing than missing out on earned loot!

However, it’s worth noting that Arrowhead Games has been very proactive in trying to address these issues. It clearly didn’t expect Helldivers 2 to be as popular as it has, although a public or closed beta would surely have highlighted some of these issues!

If you’re still having trouble with the game crashing or the “Failed to Join Lobby” error, though, we’ve detailed some steps you can take to avoid these issues.

So, in short, it seems Helldivers 2 is still having some major troubles. In fact, the Helldivers 2 servers may be at full capacity, according to the developers. All we can do is sit tight and be patient. Helldivers 2 is such a refreshingly fun, bombastic game, that it deserves our attention when these problems are ironed out.