moyenne cirque location in skull and bones

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Blueprints galore.

Skull and Bones players seeking valuable Blueprints will want to make their way to Moyenne Cirque. This Outpost, located in the Red Isle region of L’Escale, north of Sainte-Anne, holds a bunch of excellent Blueprints. Here we’ll explain where to find Moyenne Cirque in Skull and Bones, and precisely what’s on offer from the merchant.

Locating Moyenne Cirque in Skull and Bones

To get to Moyenne Cirque, you’ll need to set sail from Sainte-Anne, heading north towards the Red Isle. The Outpost is approximately 5,000 meters away, making the voyage relatively straightforward. Keep in mind that during your journey, you may encounter tough enemy ships such as a Rank 9 Elite battleship with red sails. Make sure you’re an appropriate level to take these on if you have to; otherwise, be prepared to make a run for it!

Once you arrive at Moyenne Cirque, begin by ascending the path towards the upper section of the island. Along the way, you’ll find a supply of Waterskins and a Pirate’s Bonfire.

All Moyenne Cirque Blueprints

At the top of the path, a rope will guide you back down to the shore, ensuring a quick exit when you’re ready to continue your adventure. Adjacent to the rowboat you arrived in, you’ll encounter a Shipwrecked Rogue. This merchant has an impressive selection of goods, including highly sought-after Blueprints. These can be purchased with Silver, so make sure you have around 10,000 Silver on hand if you intend to acquire them all. The following Blueprints are available:

  • Mons Meg II: This weapon Blueprint requires the Corsair I Infamy Rank and can be obtained for 3,200 Silver. It offers a powerful addition to your arsenal.
  • Culverin V: Another weapon Blueprint, the Culverin V, requires the Cutthroat I Infamy Rank and costs 4,360 Silver. This Blueprint will enable you to deal devastating blows to your enemies.
  • The Bastion III: For those seeking enhanced armor, The Bastion III Blueprint is available for 5,010 Silver. It requires the Cutthroat I Infamy Rank and provides excellent protection in battle.

To offset some of the costs associated with purchasing these Blueprints, thoroughly inspect your Cargo for high-value loot indicated by two green arrows. Selling these items can generate additional funds.

As you explore Moyenne Cirque, don’t forget to check the Cache at the entrance of the Outpost for any valuable items that may be waiting to be claimed.

Now that you know how to find Moyenne Cirque, you can get your hands on the coveted Blueprints. If you’re after other rare materials in the game we’ve got you covered.