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Ticking off the tasks.

The One Peace Challenge in BitLife is a fun and unique adventure that takes inspiration from the popular super-stretchy pirate, Luffy. Your journey begins as a boy in Brazil and takes you around the world, befriending diverse people and eventually leading to owning a pirate ship. Let’s break down how to complete the One Pece Challenge in BitLife with a full walkthrough.

How to Complete the One Peace Live Challenge in BitLife

This latest challenge provides plenty of flexibility, but it is quite pricey. Here’s the full overview of tasks you’ll need to complete:

BitLife: One Peace Challenge Tasks

  1. Be born a male in Brazil.
  2. Befriend a man from Japan.
  3. Befriend a woman from Norway.
  4. Pirate 5+ porches.
  5. Own a pirate ship.

In this challenge, pay close attention to the non-playable characters (NPCs) you meet at school, work, and in various random encounters, as they are crucial for accomplishing the befriending objectives. While possessing the crime special talent can aid in successfully pirating porches with a reduced risk of getting caught, it’s not essential for the completion of the challenge.

How To Be Born in Brazil in BitLife

To begin, create a Custom Life. In this setup, choose ‘Male’ for your gender and ‘Brazil’ as your country of birth. You have the freedom to select any city within Brazil as your birthplace. Additionally, if you possess any Job Packs, you have the option to select a Special Talent. However, this is not a necessity for this challenge as it does not require a specific job role.

Just in case you’re not clear on the process of how to switch your current life, here’s how:

  • End your current life: Go to the Activities tab, scroll down to the bottom, and access the Surrender menu. Confirm that you want to end your current life.
  • Start a new life: Create a custom life. Ensure you select ‘male’ for your gender and choose Brazil as your country.

Befriend a Man From a Japan and Woman Norway

To befriend someone from Japan and Norway, there are two options: You can either opt to date random NPCs in school who are born in these two countries or emigrate to the country and then make friends at a job from those countries.

In our experience, it’s best to make a character, get them to the appropriate age and wealth, and then emigrate to either country. You can then get a job and befriend coworkers.

How To Pirate Porches

The following task involves pirating more than five porches. While it’s listed as the fourth goal in the One Peace Challenge, you have the opportunity to accomplish this during your upbringing in Brazil. Once you reach the age of 11, navigate to the Crimes tab found in the Activities section and choose the Pirate Porch option. Successfully pilfer the mail from five different individuals to fulfill this specific quest.

Remember, if you don’t manage to complete this task during your early years in Brazil, you can always achieve it later in Norway or another country.

To successfully pirate porches:

  • Find the Crime menu: In the Activities tab, scroll to the Crime menu.
  • Porch Pirate option: Select this to steal mail from a neighbor’s porch.
  • Repeat: Do this at least five times to complete this part of the challenge.

How To Buy a Pirate Ship

Before setting out to purchase a pirate ship, acquiring a Boating License is a prerequisite. To do this, go to the Activities tab and choose the Licenses menu. Here, pick the Boating License option and ensure you have at least $345 available for the test fee. After successfully passing the test, you’ll be eligible to buy a pirate ship.

To make your purchase, proceed to the Assets tab and scroll down to the very end, where you’ll find the “Go Shopping” option. At the lower section of this menu, a range of specialty vehicle dealers will be listed. Locate the boat dealer among them and then select it to buy your pirate ship.

To own a pirate ship:

  • Get a Boating License: In the Activities tab, select the Licenses menu, then choose Boating License. Have at least $345 for the test.
  • Purchase the ship: Go to the Assets tab, select “Go Shopping”, find the boat dealer, and buy a pirate ship.

That wraps up our One Peace live challenge in BitLife walkthrough. The only real difficulty is beating the RNG to build up your wealth, but other than that it isn’t too hard. We have other challenge guides if you’re interested.