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Magic mushrooms.

In Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria, Ubasam Wood is a resource needed for crafting various items, most notably the First Age Pickaxe. While it’s a crucial material, it can be somewhat challenging to locate and obtain since it requires you to have progressed beyond the Western Halls. Here we’ll break down how to get Ubasam Wood, which involves unlocking and traveling through the Crystal Descent to the Lower Deeps of Moria.

Ubasam Wood Return to Moria Location

Ubasam Wood in return to Moria requires you to enter Lower Deeps

Ubasam Wood is a unique resource in Return to Moria and is essential for crafting advanced items, particularly the First Age Pickaxe. As mentioned above, it cannot be found within the Mines of Moria itself but in the Lower Deeps, which is the next area from the starting one in the Western Halls. The resource is harvested from the peculiar fungal flora found in this area. Incidentally, it’s the same resource to farm if you’re trying to get Ironwood.

To access the Lower Deeps you and your co-op buddies will need to gather a few different resources and locate a couple of key items. Specifically, entering the Lower Deeps means repairing the Crystal Descent, which requires:

  • 15 Black Diamonds
  • Elven Wood
  • Natural Fibre

We’ve already written a detailed how to get a steady supply of Black Diamonds, but as a reminder, it’s basically as simple as visiting Orc Town and looting chests.

Lower Deeps of Moria Gear

Before venturing into the Lower Deeps, it’s advisable to ensure you are well-equipped. Make sure you have:

  • A full set of Tier 2 armor.
  • A couple of Tier 2 weapons.

If you haven’t acquired these, go ahead and read out guides about rebuilding all the statues to unlock the recipes for each of them.

Farming Ubasam Wood in Moria

Once you’re in the Lower Deeps, you can start searching for Ubasam Wood. You’re looking for a mushroom (yes, it’s not actually wood!) You can do it by hacking the mushrooms with your weapon or pickaxe. There are lots of them down here so you shouldn’t have any trouble farming as many as you need. Remember, upgrading your inventory allows you to carry more.

Crafting Recipes & What it Does

Apart from the First Age Pickaxe we’ve already mentioned, Ubasam Wood is used in various recipes that are essential for progressing in the game. Here are some of these recipes:

First Age Pickaxe:

  • Materials:
    • 3 Steel Ingots
    • 1 Black Diamond
    • 4 Ubasam Wood

Loom Recipe:

  • The Loom recipe is unlocked once you collect your first Ubasam Wood. The loom is used to craft cloth needed for armor and weapon creation.

Gem Cutter:

  • Materials:
    • 3 Steel Ingots
    • 10 Stones
    • 10 Ubasam Wood
  • The Gem Cutter is a crucial crafting station for various advanced items.

That wraps up our Ubasam Wood resource gathering walkthrough. Make sure you check out our full overview of all resources in the game and where to find them. We’ll have more coverage of the game moving forward, too, so check back if the content you’re looking for isn’t listed already.