How to fix Helldivers 2 failed to join lobby error.

Image source: Sony Interactive Entertainment via We Game Daily

Launch shenanigans.

Helldivers 2 has just launched, bringing its bug and robot-destroying fun into the third-person perspective. Unfortunately, like with many multiplayer games at launch, it does seem to have some problems. A common issue that players are facing is the “failed to join lobby” error, which prevents you from enjoying the game with others. This guide compiles various solutions to help you fix the Helldivers 2 failed to join lobby error and get back into the action.

Fixing Helldivers 2 “Failed to Join Lobby” Error

The “failed to join lobby” error in Helldivers 2 is primarily attributed to server overload. With the game’s launch attracting a massive influx of players, the servers are under significant stress, leading to various connectivity issues, including difficulties in joining lobbies and using the Quickplay feature. The development team at Arrowhead Game Studios has acknowledged these issues on Discord, confirming that the unexpected server load has revealed unforeseen problems despite extensive pre-launch testing.

While the developers work on a more permanent fix, which may include a game patch, there are several steps you can take to potentially bypass this error and improve your chances of joining a game:

Reload the Game

The age-old advice of “turning it off and on again” holds true here. Restarting Helldivers 2 can sometimes resolve temporary connectivity issues and is a good first step to try.

Disable Crossplay

Disabling crossplay reduces the complexity of matchmaking by limiting the player pool to your specific platform. This can potentially ease the strain on the servers and increase your chances of a successful lobby join.

Play Solo

While not ideal for those looking to enjoy the multiplayer aspect of Helldivers 2, playing solo is a workaround that allows you to engage with the game and progress while waiting for server issues to be resolved.

Join Friends Directly

The developers have suggested that joining friends directly seems to work fine. Teaming up with people from the community or friends can be a more reliable way to enter the game compared to random matchmaking.

Arrowhead Game Studios is actively working on resolving the matchmaking and Quickplay issues. They have communicated their efforts and progress through official channels, such as the game’s Discord server. Keeping an eye on these updates can provide you with the latest information on fixes and workarounds directly from the developers.

Below you can find the latest official statement from Arrowhead CEO published by developers on the official Discord channel:

Hey everybody!

It’s been a bit of crisis mode in the studio today therefore I have not been as active as I would have liked. We are seeing the matchmaking issues as well as some of the unfortunate stuck och login screen / crashes.

I just wanted to let you all know we’re working as hard as we can on resolving these, the volume of players exposed some shenanigans in the system that went past many, many, many hours or testing.

We have tried resolving it on the backend only but it seems like we will have to patch the game to resolve the issue. Sorry for this and thank you for your patience.

For now I recommend to team up with people from the community as joining friends work fine.

I hope you are enjoying the experience once you get into the game.

Given the nature of these issues, stemming from server overload at launch, we’ll need to be patient. The developers are aware of the problems and are working on fixes. In the meantime, trying the solutions above on how to fix the Helldivers 2 “failed to join lobby” error for temporary fixes. Remember, these issues are common in the early days of many multiplayer games. They typically improve as server capacity is adjusted and patches are deployed. Fingers crossed we’ll all be blasting bugs in no time at all.