best enshrouded warrior build

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On guard!

Not a fan of messing about with magic in Enshrouded? Fear not, for a potent two-handed Warrior build stands ready to guide you through every challenge with brawn and strategy, sans the arcane. Here’s how to build the best warrior in Enshrouded.

How to Build a Two-Handed Warrior in Enshrouded

This Warrior build excels in delivering high damage through two-handed weapons and utilizing a combination of jump and dodge attacks to navigate combat effectively. It’s particularly good because it allows players to experience the game without relying on magic, focusing instead on physical prowess and tactical movement.

The build is designed to maximize area-of-effect (AoE) damage and provide invulnerability frames during critical moments, such as landing from a jump attack, which is essential for both dealing damage and avoiding it. Additionally, the emphasis on constitution and strength ensures a high health pool and potent damage output, making the warrior capable of enduring and thriving in prolonged battles. The strategic use of equipment and consumables further enhances survivability and damage, making it a versatile choice capable of tackling a wide range of combat scenarios.

Your attribute focus should be as follows:

  • Constitution: Your shield against death, enhancing your health pool significantly.
  • Strength: The backbone of your damage output, ensuring your hits resonate with power.
  • Dexterity: Marginally improved to enhance bow effectiveness without detracting from core strengths.

Skill Tree

The following list isn’t exhaustive but does feature the must-have skills for our warrior build:

  • Merciless Attacks: Enables executing powerful finishing moves on weakened enemies, enhancing combat efficiency, especially against tough opponents.
  • Jump Attack (including enhancements such as Double Jump): Provides AoE damage and invulnerability frames upon landing, crucial for both offense and evasion.
  • Runner: Increases mobility, allowing for quicker positioning and evasion, vital for closing gaps between enemies or retreating to heal.
  • Endurance: Boosts stamina, enabling more frequent use of attacks and dodges, essential for prolonged engagements.
  • Evasion Attack: Offers a gap-closing mechanism that also serves as a prelude to additional attacks, exploiting enemy vulnerabilities.
  • Battle Heal: Heals a percentage of maximum health on a critical strike, providing sustained survivability during combat.
  • Warrior’s Path: Enhances overall combat effectiveness, though specific benefits aren’t detailed, it’s implied to synergize with a warrior’s combat style.
  • Brute and Hammer Time (for hammers): Increase damage and effectiveness when using hammers, making them more viable against various enemy types.
  • Slasher and Butcher (for axes): Similar to the hammer skills, they enhance axe damage and performance, tailoring the build for players who prefer axes.
  • Veteran: Improves combat resilience, possibly by increasing damage resistance or health, key for surviving in tougher battles.
  • Marksman, Sharpshooter, Skillshot, Multishot, and Ranger: These skills enhance bow effectiveness, essential for dealing with flying enemies or when melee combat is disadvantageous.
  • Heavy-Handed: Increases damage against enemies with broken stagger bars, capitalizing on moments of vulnerability for devastating blows.
  • Relentless: Provides a stacking critical strike chance until a crit is landed, boosting damage output significantly over time.
  • Breach: Improves the ability to penetrate enemy defenses, increasing the effectiveness of attacks against armored foes.
  • Heavy Specialization: Enhances attack speed with two-handed weapons, vital for increasing DPS and making combat flow more smoothly.
  • Barbarian and Blood Rage: Enhance damage output under certain conditions (like killing an enemy), allowing for momentum in combat that can turn the tide in challenging encounters.
  • Heavy Plates, Tower, and Earth Aa: Focus on damage mitigation, increasing physical and possibly magical resistance, which is crucial for withstanding the onslaught of powerful enemies.
  • Good Metabolism: Enhances the effectiveness of health potions and possibly other consumables, crucial for maintaining health during and after battles.

Best Weapons for Warrior Build

warrior weapons
Image source: Keen Games

There are a number of excellent two-handed weapons you can use for this build. Let’s break them all down.

Deeproot Axe

This two-handed axe provides a mix of cutting and blunt damage, making it versatile against various enemy defenses. The axe also offers an increased critical strike damage multiplier, enhancing the build’s damage potential on critical hits.

The dual damage types ensure effectiveness against a broad range of enemies, whether they’re weak to cutting or blunt damage. The boost to critical strike damage synergizes with skills that enhance crit chance, leading to powerful burst damage capabilities.

Ignited Hammer

This two-handed Hammer stands out for its pure damage output, lacking the split damage nature of the Deeproot Axe. It’s especially valuable for dealing consistent high damage.

Its rarity and specialization in flat damage make it a coveted tool for players able to find it. The Ignited Hammer excels in dealing massive damage to enemies vulnerable to blunt force, making it a potent choice for those lucky enough to acquire it.

Wolf Snar Longbow

While the build is melee-focused, you’ll want some sort of ranged weapon. The Wolf Snar Longbow increases fire damage and comes with a high base power. It also has added bonuses to critical strike chance and damage, making it highly effective for ranged combat.

The bow’s emphasis on fire damage and critical strikes allows for effective engagement of enemies from a distance, particularly useful against flying foes or when melee combat is impractical. Its high base power ensures that each shot packs a significant punch.

To go along with your bow, craft copper arrows. They’re easy to farm and craft, these arrows provide a practical and efficient solution for ranged attacks without the need for feathers, making them highly accessible.

Ignited Bow (Alternative)

If you’d prefer a short bow, the Ignited Bow is a nice option. It offers a faster drawing speed than the Wolf Snar Longbow, making it suitable for kiting and engaging swiftly moving enemies. The quick draw time is invaluable against “toxic” fast enemies, providing the warrior with a means to deal damage while maintaining mobility and distance.

Shield of Light

No warrior is complete without a solid shield, and the Shield of Light is an excellent fit for our build. It can be either found in chests or crafted.

Best Armor For a Warrior Build

Soldier Helmet

Provides a significant increase in critical strike chance and damage, along with a substantial boost to physical resistance. The helmet’s emphasis on critical strike enhancements synergizes with the build’s focus on delivering powerful blows, increasing the damage potential significantly. The added physical resistance ensures the warrior can withstand direct confrontations more effectively.

Radiant Chestplate

Offers a massive increase in health and physical resistance, making it one of the best chest pieces for this type of build. Its contribution to health and physical resistance is invaluable for survivability, allowing the warrior to endure longer in battle, especially against hard-hitting opponents. This makes it a cornerstone for any warrior looking to maximize their presence on the frontline.

Soldier Chestplate (Crafted Alternative)

Similar to the Radiant Chestplate in providing boosts to health and physical resistance, albeit with slightly less physical resistance. It serves as a viable alternative for those who may not have access to the Radiant Chestplate, still offering substantial defensive benefits that align well with the warrior’s need for durability in combat.

Radiant Paladin Trousers

These trousers enhance health and health regeneration, along with providing a significant increase in physical resistance. The added health and regeneration are crucial for maintaining high survivability, ensuring the warrior can recover more quickly from injuries. The physical resistance further bolsters the warrior’s defense against melee attacks and other physical threats.

Eagle Eye Trousers (Alternative)

The Eagle Eye Trousers offer increased sprint speed and a balance between physical and magical resistance, making movement quicker and providing a versatile defense. The boost to mobility allows for better positioning and evasion, while the mixed resistance helps in environments where magical attacks are prevalent. These trousers are ideal for warriors who value speed and adaptability.

Paladin Radiant Boots

Increases health regeneration and provides a reduction in health regen cooldown, alongside a significant boost to physical resistance.

The boots are essential for maximizing health regeneration, crucial for a build that relies on staying in the thick of battle. The reduction in regen cooldown, despite the transcript’s indication it might not be as impactful, together with high physical resistance, ensures the warrior remains combat-ready.

How to Play the Warrior Build

To master our Warrior build in Enshrouded, you’ll want to deploy a proactive combat style. Make strategic use of the jump attack not only as a means to deal area-of-effect (AoE) damage but also to dodge incoming attacks with its invulnerability frames, allowing for both offensive and defensive maneuvers.

Integrating dodge attacks is crucial for exploiting brief openings in enemy defenses, enabling swift gap-closing and setting up powerful follow-up strikes. Glider attacks, too, offer an unusual approach to initiate combat, providing a high-damage entry point that can catch opponents off-guard and give you an immediate advantage.

Sustain management forms the backbone of this playstyle, with health potions and bandages being indispensable for maintaining health levels during and after skirmishes. Efficient use of these resources ensures minimal downtime, allowing you to remain in the fray.

So there you have it. While it may not possess the raw power of magic-infused paths, it’s super fun to play if you’re keen to master dodge-and-attack melee mechanics. If you like this style, check out our Paladin build, which incorporates more magic but is still a warrior at heart. Or if you’re wanting something more head-on, go for our tank build.