Tears of the Kingdom Cosplay

Image source: @sweetnayru

Nailed it.

Cosplay has fast become part and parcel of video game culture over the past decade, but not all creators nail their outfits as often as @sweetnayru. Earlier this week she took to social media to unveil a Tears of the Kingdom cosplay design that had been long in the making, and suffice to say fans are absolutely enamored with her appearance.

Sweetnayru The Legend of Zelda Cosplay Is Stunning

On Twitter, cosplayer @sweetnayru transformed herself into Link, as seen in the tutorial of Tears of the Kingdom. At the beginning of the game, Link, recovering from a surprise attack by a mummified Ganondorf, awakens on a floating island in the sky called the Great Sky Island. It’s here that Link gains his new, mystical arm, as well as a wardrobe change inspired by an ancient civilization called the “Zonai.” Link’s “Archaic Tunic” is the first alternative costume that players can unlock in the game.

“The Archaic Tunic is done!” sweetnayru said. “Will get to the battery cells and master sword soon, but I did a test wear today of this and will adjust a few things for when I wear this to SDCC Friday. So happy! Started and finished in about 2 weeks!”

On Instagram, sweetnayru uploaded a behind-the-scenes video of her creating the Nintendo costume. The video goes over the laborious effort she put into recreating the elaborate design of Link’s sandal, such as gathering materials from other clothing and stitching them together with sewing thread and glue.

Fans of The Legend of Zelda are praising sweetnayru for her rendition of Link, calling it “amazing” and “wonderful.” Her recreation of Link’s new arm from King Rauru—which she jokingly calls the “Mountain Dew Baja Blast” arm from Taco Bell—is earning the highest praise of all.


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“Damn seriously, thanks for all the support and love for my link cosplay,” sweetnayru said.

“It’s been really overwhelming and awesome. I can’t express how grateful I am. Making costumes from the things I love is something I’ve been doing for a long time and will continue to! I hope you join me.”

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is available to play exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.