a The Legend of Zelda movie might be in the works

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Universal and Illumination are in the process of finalizing an agreement with Nintendo to produce a cinematic adaptation of The Legend of Zelda, reported by Hollywood insider Jeff Sneider. During a discussion on The Hot Mic, Sneider revealed that Zelda is poised to become the next significant collaboration between Illumination and Nintendo, an outcome that had been widely anticipated.

Sneider further expressed that Universal will need to invest a substantial sum in this venture, given the resounding triumph of The Super Mario Bros. Movie, which amassed an impressive global box office revenue surpassing $1 billion, solidifying its position as the most prosperous video game adaptation to date. Against the backdrop of the recent awe-inspiring reception of Tears of the Kingdom, a The Legend of Zelda film would undoubtedly be well-received.

The Legend of Zelda Movie Adaptation in the Works

The absence of a movie adaptation for The Legend of Zelda, despite its immense popularity as a video game franchise, is noteworthy. This observation becomes clearer when we reflect upon the numerous failures of past attempts to adapt video games into films. Productions such as Doom, Silent Hill, and the widely criticized 1993 rendition of Super Mario Bros. received harsh criticism upon release. Although some video game adaptations have gained a cult following over time, often being regarded as “so bad they are good,” they still lack true cinematic brilliance.

It is important to acknowledge, however, that video game adaptations have shown improvement in recent years, albeit without reaching the level of a masterpiece. Detective Pikachu, released in 2019, received a respectable reception from critics and achieved significant success at the box office. The Last of Us adaptation on HBO was met with critical acclaim and garnered a strong following among viewers. While opinions on the recent Mario movie were mixed, it did achieve the largest worldwide opening for an animated film.


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Considering the achievements of Universal and Illumination with The Super Mario Bros. Movie, it appears that The Legend of Zelda is in capable hands with these studios.