FF16 main character wallpaper

Image source: Square Enix

Better than expected.

Square Enix can now breathe a sigh of relief as rumors about pre-order concerns for Final Fantasy 16 have been put to rest. The game has not only sold over 3 million copies (as previously reported), but it has also set a new record for the best retail launch of a PlayStation 5 game in Japan.

Final Fantasy 16 Sales in Japan Breaks Record

According to data from Famitsu, a Japanese outlet, Final Fantasy 16 has sold an impressive 336,000 physical copies since its release, surpassing all previous records. The previous second-place holder, Elden Ring, had sold 90,000 copies, while Resident Evil 4 Remake came in third with a slightly lower total of 89,000 copies. To put it in perspective, Final Fantasy 16 has sold nearly four times the number of physical copies compared to its closest competitor.

It’s worth noting that these figures only account for physical sales and do not include digital sales. This suggests that Final Fantasy 16 is likely the best-selling PS5 game of all time in Japan, marking a significant success for Square Enix. While it’s uncertain how close it is to matching the launch window of Final Fantasy 15, especially considering the exclusivity to PlayStation this time around, surpassing the record set by Elden Ring is a promising indication of the game’s success.


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Some may argue that selling 336,000 physical copies in a week is not particularly impressive on a global scale. However, the gaming industry in Japan operates differently from the Western market, with Nintendo dominating the country’s gaming landscape. Both PlayStation and Xbox have struggled to gain a significant foothold. However, PlayStation has made noteworthy progress in recent times, as evidenced by the impressive sales numbers achieved by Final Fantasy 16.