best seventh infantry troop locations in FF7 Rebirth

Image source: Square Enix

Infantry, march!

In Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, the Junon parade is an interesting moment in the game that blends strategy and precision into a fun mini-game. There are rewards and achievements up for grabs, including the “Stealing the Show” trophy. Here we’ll explain the best Seventh Infantry formation in FF7 Rebirth so you can nail it at the first time of asking.

All Shinra Seventh Infantry Troop Locations in FF7

First and foremost, you’ll need to locate all ten Seventh Infantry members scattered throughout Upper Junon. This prerequisite is essential for unlocking the full potential of your parade formation. The available units include five Security Officers, two Grenadiers, two Riot Troopers, and one Flametrooper. Here’s a break down of where they’re all located:

  • Larboard Junon, The Full Arsenal
    • Located on the main street with several shops around, The Full Arsenal weapons shop is a place to recruit some Seventh Infantry squad members.
  • The Glabrescent Bar
    • Situated on the right side of the upper shopping district, The Glabrescent Bar, catering to the clean-shaven, is another location to find Seventh Infantry troops.
  • Cecilia’s of Junon
    • In the upper shopping district, Cecilia’s offers a combination of item and materia shop where more Seventh Infantry members can be found.
  • Rufus Cutout
    • Positioned down the main street to the right of the hotel, this quirky spot involves a cardboard cutout of Rufus and some Seventh Infantry members that can be recruited.
  • Boardwalk
    • Opposite the Rufus cutout, on the boardwalk, this location features Seventh Infantry members admiring Junon’s cannon.
  • Le Sourire
    • A bar located in the upper shopping district on the left side, up a flight of stairs, where additional Seventh Infantry troops are found.
  • Larboard Garrison, Storeroom
    • Accessed from the Larboard Garrison Reception, opposite the stairs to Le Sourire and downstairs, to find more Seventh Infantry troops.
  • Barracks, Assembly Room
    • Found by heading upstairs from the Barracks Lobby, which is accessible from the main street or upper shopping district, this room has Seventh Infantry troops being interviewed by SNNet News.
  • Barracks, Briefing Room
    • Continuing upstairs from the Assembly Room, the Briefing Room holds additional Seventh Infantry troops for the parade formation.
  • Maghnata Books
    • Located next to the Barracks entrance in the upper shopping district, inside Maghnata Books and upstairs to Shopping Center 3F, Seventh Infantry members are shopping for a present.

Don’t forget our handy interactive map page, which helps with locating key locations in the game.

Best Seventh Infantry Formation in FF7 Rebirth

best infantry troop formations
Image source: Square Enix

Once you’ve done that, the strategy to achieve the highest commendation involves leaving the Security Officers in reserve and focusing on the specialized units.

The key to an exemplary parade formation lies in the strategic placement of units. The Grenadiers and Riot Troopers should be positioned together to enhance each other’s capabilities, with the Flametrooper allocated to one of the remaining spots. This arrangement not only satisfies the criteria for the “Stealing the Show” trophy but also sets the stage for a near-flawless performance. Our recommended setup positions the Grenadiers at the forefront, followed by the Riot Troopers, and then the Flame Troopers.

So we’re crystal, here’s a break down:

To achieve the best outcome, set up your units in the following sequence from left to right:

  • Grenadiers
  • Grenadiers
  • Riot Troopers
  • Riot Troopers
  • Flametroopers

This configuration is designed for a parade that could take top honors at the event. It starts with the Ramuh Formation, followed by the Shiva Formation, and concludes with the Bahamut Formation. Including these three demanding three-star performances positions you for a remarkable display that has the potential to secure both the presidential commendation and the audience’s choice for the best performance.

How to Get High Score & Win Awards

To beat the mini-game, you’ll need to navigate Quick Time Events (QTEs), tapping, holding, or rapidly pressing buttons in sync with on-screen prompts. The best formation we’ve suggested is the hardest but offers the highest score modifier.

By prioritizing specialized units and mastering the parade mini-game’s demands, players can achieve the highest honors, deepen character relationships, and unlock memorable cutscenes. Put simply, follow these steps:

  • Press the indicated button when the rhythm line intersects with Red Diamonds.
  • Maintain pressure on the indicated button as the rhythm line meets the Blue Hexagon.
  • Quickly and continuously press the specified button when the rhythm line touches the Yellow Pentagon.

With this formation and strategy we easily got over 100,000 points in the public ratings, a score the game described as “a performance for the ages.” It earned us the “Stealing the Show” trophy/achievement. Additionally, this high score secured the President’s Commendation in the game, which changes the cutscenes after the parade.

That wraps up our best Seventh Infantry formation in FF7 Rebirth guide, which should hopefully see you achieve the Stealing the Show trophy at the first time of asking. If you’re looking for other useful content on the game, we have a list of all Queen’s Blood player locations.