Destiny 2 characters in Solstice of Heroes

Image source: Bungie


Destiny 2 has seen its player count on Steam plummet to an all-time low. Data from Steam Charts indicates that in the past 30 days, the average player count for Destiny 2 was only 34,328, with a peak of 59,076 players. These numbers mark the lowest since the game’s transfer to Steam in October 2019.

Destiny 2, first released in September 2017, is in its seventh year on the market. While a decline in player numbers over time is not unusual for long-standing games, this recent drop is particularly notable. The game had previously reached its highest-ever concurrent player count of 316,651 during the launch of the Lightfall expansion in February.

The decline in players comes amid broader challenges for Bungie, the game’s developer. Recently, Bungie became the latest studio under Sony Interactive Entertainment to experience layoffs. Reports from Bloomberg suggest that approximately 8% of the studio’s workforce has been affected. These job cuts have had a tangible impact on Bungie’s operations, causing internal delays for the upcoming Destiny expansion, The Final Shape, and another project, shooter Marathon.

Financial troubles have also been a concern for Bungie. In October, the studio’s staff were informed that revenue was about 45% below the year’s projections. Bungie’s CEO Pete Parsons attributed this shortfall primarily to Destiny 2’s poor player retention. In light of these challenges, the next expansion, The Final Shape, originally scheduled for February 2024, has been pushed back to June. This delay aims to provide the team with additional time to enhance the game.

Looking ahead, Bungie has announced plans to overhaul Destiny 2’s content delivery. Post-The Final Shape, the game will shift from its current seasonal structure to an episodic format. This change is part of Bungie’s broader strategy to reinvigorate the game and improve player engagement.

As the studio navigates these turbulent times, fans of Destiny 2 are left to wonder about the future of their beloved game. With the impending changes and ongoing internal restructuring, it remains to be seen how Bungie will steer Destiny 2 back to its former glory.