Destiny 2 characters in Solstice of Heroes

Image source: Bungie

Spanner in the works.

Destiny 2 has a major issue with bugs, and Bungie is having to take drastic action to improve its playability. The developer has been grappling with persistent bugs and glitches over the past year, acknowledging serious issues and assuring players of their commitment to improving server performance. The 2023 Solstice of Heroes, however, has thrown a spanner into the works. The event has brought another major game-breaking bug into the mix. As a result, Bungie has taken action by disabling four Armor mods until further notice.

Destiny 2 Mods Disabled Due to Game-Breaking Bugs

Each of these mods corresponds to specific character abilities, such as Bolstering Detonation, which grants increased Grenade energy after using a class ability. The decision to disable all four mods at once is due to a glitch that allowed players to exploit the system and acquire more Silver Leaves—the unique currency for the Solstice of Heroes event—without putting in the usual effort required through gameplay activities.

Normally, upgrading Solstice Armor pieces necessitates some grinding across various in-game activities. However, the glitch allowed users to bypass this process, enabling them to acquire everything they needed with minimal effort and in an instant.

This latest incident is just one of many in a long line of game-breaking bugs and errors plaguing Destiny 2. It’s worth noting that prior to this, the game also faced an issue during the previous night’s maintenance when the Solstice of Heroes event “pre-released” the new Solstice Armor prematurely.


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In a rather tragic fashion, it has become somewhat predictable that each update brings its share of issues, and players are hopeful that Bungie will address these problems promptly and effectively.