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There are six Sniper Rifles in Warzone 2. If you’re struggling to figure out which

There are six Sniper Rifles in Warzone 2. If you’re struggling to figure out which ones are the best, we’ve ranked all of the best Sniper Rifles in Warzone 2 Season 3 Reloaded from best to worst:

6. LA-B 330

The LA-B 330 is a versatile and flexible weapon that can be used to fulfill any role in the game. It has great stats such as high accuracy, low recoil, and good damage output. The build-your-own style of the gun means it can be fitted with various attachments to make it great for close-quarters combat or long-range sniping, depending on your needs. The gun also has a fast rate of fire, making it ideal for quickly eliminating multiple targets or taking out a single target quickly. The LA-B 330 is a reliable and efficient Sniper that will serve you well in Warzone 2.

5. SP-X 80

The SP-X 80 is an effective sniper rifle in Warzone 2 that can take out enemies with two shots. It has incredibly fast handling and mobility, making it a great option for quick-scoping lovers. However, its range is slightly lower than other sniper rifles, meaning you may need to hit a player with several shots from a long distance to get a kill.

4. Victus XMR

Warzone 2’s Vicus XMR boasts impressive handling and range. From this point onwards, we’re dealing with Snipers that have one-shot capabilities after the Season 3 update. The Victus XMR arrived in Warzone 2’s first season, and it quickly took the weapon category by storm, establishing itself as one of the best Sniper Rifles in Warzone 2. Usually, Snipers with long-range potential in Warzone 2 tend to be on the slower side, but the Victus has great aim down sight speed for a weapon that can take down enemies from crazy ranges.

3. Signal 50

The Signal 50’s excellent fire rate makes it hard to ignore. The Signal 50 is a great heavy Sniper option in Warzone 2 and just edges out the Victus XMR to grab the bronze medal. The weapon is known for its great fire rate, which can be the difference between life and death in a shoot-out. It also has exceptional damage and range, which can be boosted with the correct attachments, and it’s also not as bad as you would think in terms of handling and mobility for a heavy Sniper. With Explosive ammo, the Signal 50 is even perfect for picking off players who have three shields if you’re hitting those headshots.

2. FJX Imperium

The Intervention has quickly become one of the best Sniper Rifles in Warzone 2. The return of the iconic Intervention generated plenty of hype within the community and players will be relieved to see it rank so high on the list of best Sniper Rifles in Warzone 2. Now called the FJX Imperium, the Intervention strikes the perfect balance between range and mobility. With the right combination of attachments, it has an ADS speed fast enough to cope at mid-range, while the .408 Explosive rounds allow it to down enemies in one hit over long distances. While it doesn’t quite take the crown, don’t be surprised to see the Intervention emerge as a fan-favorite choice in Warzone 2 Season 4.

1. MCPR-300

The MCPR-300 is a heavy Sniper rifle in Warzone 2 that caters to players who enjoy using such weapons. What makes it appealing is that it can be accessed right from the beginning of the game, regardless of your level. With its focus on long-range combat, it excels in eliminating enemies with a single headshot, thanks to its Explosive rounds. The MCPR-300 boasts impressive range and damage, but it’s important to complement it with an SMG for close-quarters combat. Currently, the MCPR-300 stands as the top Sniper Rifle in Warzone 2, particularly when used with consistent accuracy. It comes as no surprise that it ranks among the most popular choices among Sniper Rifle users.

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Warzone 2 is available on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms.