all type soul emotes

Image source: Roblox Corp.


Type Soul, a Roblox game inspired by the popular anime Bleach, brings together players in a multiplayer environment. As you’d expect, communication is a big part of the experience, and what better way to express yourself than with emotes? Whether you’re gearing up for a big fight or just hanging out with friends, emotes add extra flair to your interactions. Here we’ll explain all Type Soul emotes and how to do them.

All Type Soul Emotes

Below is the complete list of emotes available in Type Soul. To perform an emote, simply type /e followed by the emote’s name into the chat bar and hit enter. Keep in mind, the exact casing is crucial for these commands to work.

  • cheer: Your character jumps up with arms raised, brimming with joy.
  • dance: Engage in a Gangnam Style-like dance, stopping only when you move.
  • dance2: Side-to-side motion with wave-like arm movements.
  • dance3: Hands in the air, hopping up and down.
  • sturdy: A breakdancing routine full of energy.
  • wave: A friendly hand wave, perfect for signaling teammates.
  • laugh: A quick, polite chuckle with a hand cover.
  • rest: Sit in an angsty pose on the ground, staying put until you decide to move.
  • rest2: A more relaxed, legs-stretched-out sitting position.
  • rest3: Squat with hands up in the air.
  • rest4: A serene, cross-legged sit with hands on your lap.
  • cry: Arms crossed in a squat, the universal sign of distress.
  • caramell: Dance to the beat of the infectious Caramelldansen.
  • warrior: Adopt a martial arts stance, ready to block any incoming attacks.
  • freestyle: Show off your best dance moves in an energetic routine.
  • kneel: A respectful one-knee kneel with your head bowed.

How to Use Emotes in Type Soul

Using emotes in Type Soul is straightforward. Just a few simple steps and you’ll be emoting like a pro:

  1. Hit the / key or click on the chat window located in the top-left corner of the screen to open the chat menu.
  2. Type /e followed by the name of the emote you want to use. For instance, /e lay will have your character laying down. Remember, these commands are case-sensitive, so type them exactly as they appear.

So there you have it. Whether you’re feeling joyous, ready to dance, or just want to show a bit of character, these emotes are your tools for non-verbal expression in the world of Type Soul. From celebrating victories to sharing moments of defeat, emotes bring players closer, creating a more engaging and fun multiplayer experience. Now you’ll be fully equipped to emote in Type Soul as much as you please.