roblox a dusty trip engines

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Rev your engines!

Key to surviving the unforgiving landscape of Roblox A Dusty Trip is the speed of your car. And the more powerful its engine, the faster it goes. But which is the best engine? Well, here we’ll break them all down and give our take on which adds the most horsepower to help you speed across the desert and avoid its dusty clouds.

Best Engines in Roblox A Dustry Trip, Explained

I4 Engine

When you first set out in A Dusty Trip, the I4 Engine is your first engine. While it might be considered the underdog compared to its counterparts, it still has some decent grunt. This engine ensures you make it over significant obstacles, such as the daunting 5000m bridge gap. Remember, it’s a gas-powered engine, so if you’ve mistakenly filled up on diesel, it’s time to drain and switch to gas!

Carbureted Engine

Next up is the Carbureted Engine, which is a big upgrade over the I4, particularly when it comes to top speed – hitting a thrilling 140mph. This engine is your ticket to faster travel, offering a substantial boost from the I4’s 80mph top speed. Keep an eye out for it after your second or third stop.

V8 Engine

The V8 Engine nudges ahead with a top speed of 160mph. However, its performance hinges on your ability to source diesel fuel. Despite its scarcity, the engine’s occurrence is not as rare as you might think, often found alongside the Carbureted Engine within a few stops into the game. As powerful as it is, though, isn’t quite the best engine in A Dusty Trip.

The Devil’s V8 Engine

At the pinnacle of engine technology within A Dusty Trip stands the Devil’s V8. This engine is unparalleled, with a top speed that pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in the game. The catch? It’s a rare find, only appearing after you’ve traversed 15000m into your journey. This beast also runs on diesel, adding an extra layer of challenge in fuel management.

There’s no doubt, the Devil’s V8 is the best engine in A Dusty Trip. Its unmatched performance justifies its name and the effort required to obtain it. However, its late-game availability and the diesel requirement mean you’ll need to strategize your fuel usage and plan your stops with precision.

That wraps up the best engines in A Dusty Trip. We’ve got lots of other useful content on Roblox games, including our tier list for Blox Fruits.