All Helldivers 2 enemies and how to beat them

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In Helldivers 2, you do a lot of shooting, from blasting bug-like Terminids to smashing robot Automatons. But there’s a bit more nuance to it than that; each faction have unique characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses. In this guide, we detail all the Helldivers 2 enemies and provide strategies on how to defeat them. We’ve recently updated this content following reports of a new flying enemy in the game.

All Helldivers 2 Enemies & How to Beat Them


all helldivers 2 enemy types
Image source: Arrowhead

The Terminids are giant bug-like creatures that have infested various planets. They rely on swarming tactics and overwhelming numbers to defeat their enemies, i.e. you. Here are the different types of Terminid enemies and their weaknesses:

  • Shrieker (New): As of March 13, reports from players suggest a new type of flying enemy in Helldivers 2 has joined the onslaught. They travel in packs, attacking from the skies.
  • Scavengers: These small insects can be easily taken down with a well-placed headshot. However, be cautious when dealing with them in swarms, as their speed and numbers can quickly overwhelm you.
  • Hunters: Unlike Scavengers, Hunters are more agile and can jump long distances. They require precise aiming to take them out, as they tend to move quickly. Utilize grenades or area-of-effect weapons to deal with groups of Hunters.
  • Warriors: Warriors are small yet heavily armored bugs that can withstand multiple shots. It’s best to use faster-firing weapons like machine guns to take them down efficiently. Beware of Hive Guards, the larger armored variants that protect nests.
  • Stalkers: These larger Terminids are highly mobile and can quickly close the distance between you and your team. Prioritize taking them out to prevent them from ambushing you while dealing with other enemies.
  • Bile Spewers: Bile Spewers can launch corrosive acid at you, causing significant damage and really ruining your day. Aim for the glowing parts of their bodies to eliminate them effectively. Smaller variants of Bile Spewers can be dispatched with a few well-placed shots.
  • Chargers: Chargers are heavily armored Terminids that can rush at you with tremendous force, causing knockback damage. It’s advisable to avoid their attack routes unless you want to be thrown off your feet.
  • Bile Titans: The largest and most dangerous Terminids, Bile Titans possess powerful attacks and thick armor. Focus your firepower on their weak spots, such as their underside or armored legs. Utilize heavy weapons like the Railgun or orbital strikes to defeat them.
  • Brood Commanders: These Terminids are often accompanied by other enemies, making them challenging to defeat. Prioritize targeting them while dealing with other threats. They are slower but possess powerful melee attacks, so use high-damage weapons to eliminate them quickly.


Image source: Arrowhead

The Automatons are intelligent robots armed with a variety of weapons, including firearms and melee weapons. They’re generally tougher to defeat compared to the Terminids due to their armor and ranged attacks. Here are the different types of Automaton enemies and strategies to overcome them:

  • Brawlers: The grunts of the Automatons, Brawlers can overwhelm you with their sheer numbers. They primarily rely on close combat with their fists. Protect yourself from their laser fire while engaging them.
  • Commissars: Commissars are deadly enemies that excel in close combat with their lethal blades. Engage them from a distance whenever possible to minimize the risk of being sliced into little pieces.
  • Troopers and Scout Striders: These bipedal mech pilots are armed with ranged weapons and pose a threat from a distance. However, they have weak spots, such as their legs, which you can target for maximum damage. The Rocket Raider variant is particularly formidable. As we’ve explained in our detailed guide, you can more easily beat them by getting behind the Strider and shooting the pilot.
  • Berserkers: Beware of Berserkers, as they wield twin chainsaws and can quickly dispatch your team members if they get too close. Prioritize eliminating them before engaging other ranged targets.
  • Marauders: Marauders are equipped with both ranged and close-combat weapons, making them versatile foes. Use high-powered weapons to take them down effectively.
  • Devastators: These medium-sized Automatons favor melee attacks. However, they are easily spotted from a distance, allowing you to prepare accordingly. Utilize weapons such as shotguns or grenades to defeat them. Be cautious of Heavy Devastators, which have more armor, and Rocket Devastators which are armed with, well, rocket launchers.
  • Hulk Bruisers: Hulk Bruisers are heavily armored robots armed with twin cannons. Their bulky size and firepower make them a formidable threat. Aim for the weak spot on their upper back to take them down efficiently. Be prepared to face Hulk Scorcher variants armed with flamethrowers.
  • Tanks: These monstrous robots are the most challenging enemies in Helldivers 2. Tanks come in various forms, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. The Shredder variant is particularly difficult to penetrate, but targeting its rear turret or utilizing orbital strikes can be effective. Annihilator Tanks require powerful weapons and strategic coordination to defeat, as well as a healthy dose of luck!
  • Dropships: While not directly engaged in combat, Dropships bring reinforcements to the battlefield. Instead of focusing on destroying the Dropships themselves, it’s more efficient to deal with the Automatons they deploy. Consider using well-timed orbital strikes to neutralize Dropships.

Additional Enemy Factions and Future Updates

While Helldivers 2 currently only features Terminids and Automatons as enemy factions, it’s likely that future updates and DLCs will introduce additional enemy types. The prequel, Helldivers, included the Illuminate race, which could potentially make a comeback in Helldivers 2. Stay tuned for updates and new challenges as you continue your fight to liberate the Sol system.

So, there you have it: a comprehensive list of all Helldivers 2 enemies from the two factions. Whether you’re facing the swarming Terminids or the resilient Automatons, adapt your tactics accordingly and remember to focus on their weak spots. And if you’re struggling, don’t forget to use your Stratagems, call on your ship, and use your Boosters.