all Hogwarts Legacy Battle Arenas

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Line em' up, knock em' down.

Aspiring young wizards should be honing their combat prowess, and Hogwarts Legacy’s Battle Arenas serve exactly this purpose. Here, you can flex your wand skills to the test, earn rewards, and level up your character. There are several across the open world, so here we’ll give you a rundown of all the Battle Arena locations in Hogwarts Legacy. Be sure to use our interactive map page as a handy reference as well.

Unlocking Battle Arenas

Hogwarts Legacy Battle Arenas presents wave-based battles, escalating in difficulty with each wave. By engaging in these battles, players can acquire essential resources, and experience points (XP), and enhance their mastery of spells.

There are three distinct Battle Arenas: North Ford Bog, Feldcroft, and Dark Arts. While North Ford Bog and Feldcroft are accessible to all players, the Dark Arts Battle Arena is an exclusive feature for owners of the Digital Deluxe Edition or the Dark Arts Pack. These Battle Arenas can be conquered multiple times, offering a prime opportunity for players to amass XP and conquer combat challenges with finesse.

Of course, you’ll need to unlock each arena first. This can be achieved by shattering a specific number of vases scattered around the arena’s location. Utilize the Revelio spell to target the vases and a standard cast to destroy them. Once all vases have been shattered, the statue at the heart of the ruin will reveal the passage to the Battle Arena.

Here’s a breakdown of the number of vases that need to be destroyed for each arena:

  • North Ford Bog: 20 Vases
  • Feldcroft: 20 Vases
  • Dark Arts: 10 Vases

All Battle Arena Locations in Hogwarts Legacy

North Ford Bog Battle Arena

Battle Arena Locations

Venture to the northernmost region of the game world to discover the North Ford Bog Battle Arena. Commence your journey from the East North Ford Bog Floo Flame and head north until you arrive at the designated location.

By completing the North Ford Bog and Feldcroft Battle Arenas, you will receive the “Rise to the Challenges” achievement.

Feldcroft Battle Arena

Battle Arena Locations

The Feldcroft Battle Arena is near Irondale, situated at the southernmost point of the Hogwarts Legacy map. Interact with the Non-Player Character (NPC), Althea Twiddle, in Irondale, who will guide you to a mysterious statue amidst nearby ruins, marking the entrance to the arena.

The Dark Arts Battle Arena

Battle Arena Locations

Concealed within the central region of the Forbidden Forest, nestled near the river. The Dark Arts Battle Arena is the hardest of all the arenas. Players are restricted to employing only four spells: Avada Kedavra, the Cruciatus Curse, the Imperius Curse, and the Blasting Curse. You’ll need to delve into the realm of Dark Arts, utilizing the Unforgivable Curses against their adversaries. Tackle this one last.

That wraps up the Battle Arena locations. Check out our Hogwarts Legacy starter guide for more useful content.