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Best practices.

If you’re a dedicated Wordle player in search of a complete list of 5-letter words with “ALS” in the middle, you’ve come to the right place. Below, you’ll find an extensive compilation of such words. Let’s dive right in.

Five Letter Words With ALS In the Middle

Here are all the 5-letter words with ALS in the middle to solve your latest Wordle puzzle:

  1. balsa
  2. false
  3. falsy
  4. halse
  5. halsh
  6. palsa
  7. palsy
  8. salsa
  9. salse
  10. valse

Remember, if any of the letters in your entered word appear in yellow, it signifies that they exist in today’s Wordle answer but are positioned incorrectly within the word. Conversely, if letters turn green, it indicates that they are part of the answer and are correctly positioned within the word as well.

Valuable Tips, Tricks, and Starting Words for Wordle

Many Wordle players find it helpful to begin each day’s game with a word containing a significant number of vowels. Since most five-letter words have at least one vowel, using a word like “audio” as your initial guess increases the chances of finding at least one correct letter. If you don’t succeed, it’s recommended to use the letter “e” in your subsequent guess, as it commonly appears in Wordle answers.

Here are some four-vowel words you can consider:


Diverse Second Guess: If you don’t have a specific idea about the target word after your first guess, it’s advisable to choose a significantly different word for your second attempt. While avoiding the letters that have already been ruled out, try selecting a word with diverse letters. Wordle revolves around eliminating numerous possibilities, so using frequently occurring letters such as S, C, B, T, P, A, and F (with or without the remaining vowels) in your second guess can effectively narrow down the potential options for the word of the day.

Avoid Repeating Letters: It’s generally a good practice to avoid using the same letter twice in a word unless you have a strong intuition about its correctness. Submitting a word like “TRUTH” is less efficient since it only utilizes four distinct letters.

Try Unfamiliar Words: When encountering a challenging situation or needing assistance with a letter or two, guessing a word that you suspect is incorrect or not a valid word at all can be a valid strategy. There is no penalty for trying an unfamiliar word. If it doesn’t exist, simply submit a word that does. Just because a word is uncommon or not part of your usual vocabulary doesn’t mean Wordle has excluded it from its master list.

Take Your Time: It’s advisable to take your time while solving Wordle. There’s no time limit other than the 24-hour window before the word changes, so utilize this to your advantage. Whether it takes you two minutes or twenty minutes to accurately guess the Wordle, both outcomes are equally satisfactory. Enjoy the game and savor the experience.

By following these tips and utilizing the list of 5-letter words with “ALS” in the middle, you’ll increase your chances of completing your latest Wordle task. Enjoy the game and stay tuned for more Wordle content.


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