where to find chalice in fortnite using auras map

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Easy once you know how.

Looking to find the chalice in Fortnite? In the latest Chapter 4 Season 3 lore-based quests, players team up with NPC Aura to explore new locations and uncover hidden items. However, with the introduction of a new jungle biome filled with secrets and vaults, completing this quest can be challenging. Thankfully, you can rely on Aura’s map and clues to discover the chalice’s whereabouts. Here’s a guide on how to locate the chalice using Aura’s map in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3, along with the rewards you’ll earn for completing this mission.

Where To Find the Chalice Using Aura’s Map in Fortnite

To begin the quest of finding the chalice using Aura’s map, head to the trailers near the Rumble Ruins’ Hitches and Ditches gas station. You’ll find Aura’s map nearby. Interact with it to reveal that the chalice can be found where “Anvil Square once stood.” Make your way to the cliff northwest of Creeky Compound, as marked on the map. There, you’ll find a tunnel entrance shaped like a keyhole.

Instead of proceeding to the end of the tunnel, use your Fortnite pickaxe to destroy the left side of the wall. This will open up a hidden path leading to an altar. The altar will request 100 Gold in exchange for the chalice. If you don’t have enough Gold, you can find it in chests located outside the tunnel. Once you discover and pick up the chalice, your character will don a golden crown and pickaxe, and you’ll be rewarded with a total of 90,000 XP.

However, Aura’s questline isn’t quite complete yet. By returning the chalice to Aura at the Hitches and Ditches gas station, you can earn an additional 30,000 XP. Keep in mind that if you get eliminated before returning the chalice, you’ll need to find it again to receive the XP bonus.

Furthermore, completing the ongoing Transformers challenges will also grant you additional rewards. This questline includes finding three Mythic Cybertron Cannons and offers rewards such as a Transformers-themed Spray, Sticker, and 30,000 XP for each challenge completed. The Mythic Cybertron Cannon is a powerful blaster, dealing 110 damage per shot and featuring unlimited ammo.


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