where to find nibbles in V Rising

Image source: Stunlock Studios

Lil' rat.

Tracking down bosses in V Rising usually involves a bit of legwork, but when it comes to Nibbles the Putrid Rat, you’re in for a unique challenge. Unlike other bosses, there’s no direct way to track Nibbles, which leaves many players scratching their heads. If you’re after the stealth-enhancing Rat Form, here’s your guide on how to find and summon Nibbles the Putrid Rat in V Rising.

Finding Nibbles the Putrid Rat in V Rising

If you’ve been roaming the map looking for Nibbles, you can stop now. Nibbles isn’t just wandering around waiting to be found. Instead, you’ll need to take a more construction-oriented approach by building a specific structure: the Vermin Nest.

Building the Vermin Nest

To get started with your quest to summon Nibbles, you’ll first need to set up your base. Place your Castle Heart, but don’t worry about laying down foundations or flooring just yet. Navigate to the ‘Production’ section of the build menu, then select ‘Refinement.’ Here, you’ll find the Vermin Nest option.

To construct the Vermin Nest, you’ll need Stone and Bone. The quantity depends on the difficulty level you’re playing at, but thankfully, Stone is readily available throughout the game, and Bone can be harvested from defeated enemies. It’s a good idea to place your Vermin Nest away from your Castle Heart since you’ll be summoning and battling Nibbles directly from this structure.

Summoning Nibbles

Once your Vermin Nest is up and running, it’s time to summon Nibbles. Check the third item in the production options of your Vermin Nest for the recipe to summon Nibbles the Putrid Rat. You’ll need Grave Dust, which can be obtained by refining Bones in a Grinder, and Unsullied Hearts, which drop from human enemies. Early in the game, Unsullied Hearts can be a bit tricky to find, but you can farm them from Worker humans, who are typically unarmed and easy to defeat.

How to Beat Nibbles

Fighting Nibbles isn’t too complicated as long as your gear is around level 30 or higher. The key is to prevent Nibbles from escaping during the fight. If you’re defeated, don’t worry—you can respawn at your base. Beating Nibbles grants you the Rat Form, which is invaluable for sneaking past towns undetected.

Nibbles the Putrid Rat offers a unique challenge in V Rising, not just because of the fight itself, but because of the preparation involved in summoning this elusive boss. With your Vermin Nest built and the necessary ingredients gathered, you’re all set to bring Nibbles into the fray and claim your stealthy new ability.