blood crystal location in v rising

Image source: Stunlock Studios

Easy pickings.

As you play through V Rising, you’ll quickly realize the importance of crafting materials, especially when you start battling the game’s toughest bosses. One such elusive material is the Blood Crystal, an important component used to craft the Onyx Tear. If you’re scratching your head about where to find Blood Crystal, let’s clear up the confusion.

Getting Blood Crystal in V Rising, Walkthrough

The Blood Crystal, or Blood Crystal ore nodes, are hidden in a newly introduced late-game area known as Dracula’s Demise. This location lies to the north of the Dunley Farmlands, right on the border with the Gloomrot region. It’s a circle-shaped area where the landscape is dominated by high-level threats, including Level 83 enemies.

Mining Blood Crystals

When it comes to actually gathering Blood Crystals, no enemy combat is necessary. If you’ve defeated Lord Styx, the boss at the center of Dracula’s Demise, you can utilize Bat Form to fly over the area, avoiding confrontations at the heavily guarded entrance. Alternatively, using Rat Form allows you to sneak around undetected, shifting back to your vampire form only to mine the crystals.

The mining process is straightforward. Arm yourself with a Mace or another melee weapon and repeatedly strike the ore nodes. These nodes are easily recognizable by their distinctive reddish protrusions, differentiating them from the usual stone or metal ore nodes. However, these nodes are scarce; you’ll need to make each one count.

While not many items in V Rising require Blood Crystals, those that do, like the Onyx Tear, are vital for crafting endgame gear. Fortunately, navigating to and mining in Dracula’s Demise doesn’t have to be a grind. Use your vampire powers wisely, and gathering Blood Crystals can be an efficient and relatively safe task.