What to do first in Starfield

Image source: Bethesda

Say cheese.

Like most modern games, Starfield features a pretty robust photo mode, which allows players to capture their favorite moments and vistas. Unfortunately, finding these images isn’t very intuitive once they’ve been snapped on either PC or Xbox. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here we’ll explain where Starfield photos are stored.

Where to Find Starfield Photos PC

Put simply, in Game Photo Mode screenshots should be kept in the following location on your C: Drive:

  • Users – <yourusername> – Documents – My Games – Starfield – Data – Textures – Photos

For those playing on PC and wanting a more detailed step-by-step guide on how to find your in-game photos, here’s the full breakdown:

  1. Open Your Desktop Folders First things first, locate your desktop folder. These are your gateways to the game’s data.
  2. Navigate to “Documents” On the left-hand sidebar of your desktop folders, locate and click on “Documents.”
  3. Access “My Games” Within the “Documents” folder, you’ll find another folder labeled “My Games.” Double-click to open it.
  4. Enter the “Starfield” Folder Inside the “My Games” folder, you’ll find the “Starfield” folder. Open it to proceed.
  5. Explore the “Data” Folder Within the “Starfield” folder, navigate to the “Data” folder.
  6. Locate the “Textures” Folder Inside the “Data” folder, you’ll find another folder labeled “Textures.” Open this folder.
  7. Discover the “Photos” Folder Finally, within the “Textures” folder, you’ll find a folder labeled “Photos,” where all your Starfield screenshots are stored.

Locating Starfield Photos on Your Xbox

For those playing Starfield on an Xbox console, locating your photos is a slightly different process:

  1. Access the In-Game Gallery Open the photo you want to transfer from Starfield’s in-game gallery.
  2. Hide the UI To capture a clean screenshot, you’ll need to hide the user interface (UI).
  3. Take a Screenshot Press the Xbox button on your controller, followed by the Y button to take a screenshot.
  4. Find Your Screenshot You can find your screenshot stored in your console’s photos, just like any other screenshot you take during your gaming adventures.

Once you’ve located your photos, you can share them on social media platforms to showcase your in-game adventures. They can, of course, be edited using various image editing software.

That wraps up our guide on locating your Starfield photos on your PC or Xbox.