Image source: Portkey Games

At last!

Warner Bros. Games’ 2023 RPG Hogwarts Legacy has been a big seller. After finally having launched on Nintendo Switch in December, combined unit sales hit 22 million since launch last year off the back of widespread critical acclaim. But there were a few notable missing features; in particular, a Quidditch mini-game that many fans had rightly expected to be included. Well, there’s news on that front. In a recent interview with Variety, President David Haddad reiterated that WB is set to expand its magical repertoire with a long-awaited standalone Quidditch spin-off, promising to “delight fans.”

Since its launch on February 10, Hogwarts Legacy has not just been a game; it’s been a phenomenon. With a staggering 22 million units sold and over 707 million hours played, the game has transfigured the gaming landscape. Players have brewed an impressive 819 million potions, rescued 593 million magical beasts, and defeated nearly 5 billion dark wizards, all testament to the game’s engrossing nature.

As mentioned before, though, Quidditch was noticeably absent, the iconic broomstick sport from J.K. Rowling’s universe. Fans expressed their disappointment, yearning to soar through the skies and chase the elusive Golden Snitch. Addressing this, Haddad hinted at the near completion of a dedicated Quidditch game, currently in beta testing.

“We don’t have any particular announcements on exactly how and when [the Quidditch game] is going to come to the market, but we are working to get it designed in a way just to delight fans,” Haddad shared. This strategic move aligns with the broader vision at Warner Bros. Games, where the focus is on leveraging Warner Bros. franchises and IP for global gaming supremacy.

The Quidditch-centric title, a separate entity from Hogwarts Legacy, is also being developed under the Portkey Games label, with Unbroken Studios at the helm. It’s set to be a competitive multiplayer experience, a departure from the single-player RPG format of Hogwarts Legacy.

Details are so far thin, but we’ll keep you posted as we learn more.