new valorant new frontier weapon skin bundle

Image source: Riot Games

Spaghetti western, 2077.

Another Episode of content means another new Valorant weapon skin bundle, and this time it’s called New Frontier. The design embodies a distinct fusion of classic Western movies and cyberpunk elements, which actually comes out looking pretty cool. Below are the full details about the upcoming Valorant weapon skin bundle, including its range of weapons and upgrade tiers, player cards, gun buddies, and the date of its launch.

All New Frontier Valorant Weapon Skin Bundle Features

Riot Games producer Laura Baltzer said of the New Frontier design:

We wanted Neo Frontier to be a true homage to the western genre–both old and new. There are two distinct but connected fantasies in this skinline, but we wanted both to feel fulfilled. If you’re a fan of old school spaghetti westerns we hope you love this skinline, and if you’re a fan of space westerns we hope you love this skinline too!

Here’s an overview of the entire bundle and its contents:


  • Phantom
  • Axe (melee)
  • Sheriff
  • Marshal
  • Odin

Bundle Info:

  • Phantom
  • Axe (melee)
  • Sheriff
  • Marshal
  • Odin
  • Reactive Gun Buddy
    • Shows the top fragger’s image
  • Player Card (Western)
  • Player Card (Neo)
  • Spray


  • Weapons
    • Level 1 – Custom Old West model, bullets, and ADS reticle
    • Level 2 – Custom animations and firing audio
    • Level 3 – Custom Sci-fi model change and new ADS reticle, custom Sci-fi animations, custom Sci-fi visual effects, and custom Sci-fi firing/equip/reload/inspect audio
    • Level 4 – Finisher and Killbanner
    • Variant 1 – Purple Variant with Purple Finisher and Kill Banner
    • Variant 2 – White/Blue Variant with Blue Finisher and Kill Banner
    • Variant 3 – Orange/Blue Variant with Orange Finisher and Kill Banner
  • Melee
    • Level 1 – Custom model change (Old West Axe), brand new equip and right click animations
    • Level 2 – Custom model change (Sci-fi Axe), Sci-fi visual effects, Sci-fi audio
    • Variant 1 – Purple Variant
    • Variant 2 – White/Blue Variant
    • Variant 3 – Orange/Blue Variant

New Frontier Release Date & Price

The New Frontier Valorant weapon skin bundle will launch in tandem with the upcoming launch of Valorant Episode 7, which is either June 26 or 27 depending on which region you are playing the game. As is typical, the Americas get the content first before Europe and the rest of the world.

New Frontier skins aren’t cheap. They’re in the Exclusive 2475 VP tier, which means they cost about $25 per skin. The bundle in total will cost 8700 VP or roughly $90.

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You can check out Riot Games’ official trailer for New Frontier below.