Valorant Ignite Capsule Fans

Image source: Riot Games

Coolest melee ever?

If you were one of the many disappointed to learn that Valorant’s Chinese launch was getting an exclusive skin called Ignite Capsule, fear not. Riot Games has this week confirmed the bundle is releasing worldwide and will appear in stores very soon.

The publisher has taken to Twitter to call recent reports of Chinese exclusivity “greatly exaggerated,” with plans to release the skin to Western audiences seemingly always having been in the books. In any case, Valorant fans will be stoked to hear the confirmation given how absolutely ice-cold the melee fan skin looks.

Well, depending on which color combination you go for, that is! There are two, with one representing a flaming dragon and the other a colder purple tone.

Valorant Ignite Capsule Release Date & Price

As you may have noticed in the Tweet above, the Ignite Capsule Valorant bundle is due to launch later this week, July 14. As for the cost, precise details are so far thin but it seems as though the melee alone will be around 4,350VP. The bundle, which features player cards and other goodies, will be a little more.

You can actually check out the Chinese version of the Ignite Capsule trailer below:

As previously reported, Valorant’s Chinese launch comes as a huge boon to Riot Games. The enormous region opens up a massive pool of potential new players, and it will only strengthen its esports program moving forward.

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