Valorant China United Together cinematic

Image source: Riot Games

One of the best yet.

It’s party time over at Riot Games as the publisher’s popular tac-shooter Valorant has finally launched in China. As is typically the case, video games are subject to fairly intense scrutiny before they’re allowed to be officially launched in the region, and Valorant has been no exception — even despite Riot Games being part-owned by mega Chinese tech company Tencent.

In any case, Valorant has finally arrived and looks set to become one of the region’s biggest esports. The commercial boon for Riot Games should be substantial; not to mention, the flooding in of new esports talent moving forward.

Valorant China Cinematic Celebrates Regional Launch

To celebrate, a new cinematic trailer was published last night, and it’s one of the best yet. The theme of the sequence is in keeping with its title –United Together– as Sage rallies her fellow Agents to fight back against an opposing force from Omega Earth. Omen fans can rejoice as the part man, part octopus (we think?) makes their cinematic debut in typically edgy fashion.

Valorant’s Chinese launch has some interesting features, with Riot Games debuting the much-anticipated replay system in the region before presumably rolling it out worldwide. There are also unique skin sets, too, much to the disdain of Western players who are understandably jealous of the extremely cool melee fan.

So far, it seems as though the Ignite Fan will remain a China-exclusive skin, but the files are apparently included in the recent Patch 7.01 worldwide. Perhaps Riot Games will take pity on us poor, neglected Western players and release it at some point in the future? We can but hope!

Until then, remember that you still have the awesome Neo-Frontier skins in your shop.