Spider-Man 2 Flag is wrong

Image source: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Oh dear.

Insomniac Games, the acclaimed developers behind the recently launched Spider-Man 2, has swiftly moved to correct a factual error that found its way into the game. The issue in question involves a flag hung in the home of the game’s protagonist, Miles Morales, which was incorrectly depicted as the national flag of Cuba. Miles and his family, in fact, have roots in Puerto Rico, making the flag placement a glaring inaccuracy.

Insomniac Put a Cuban Flag in Miles Morales’s Home

Eagle-eyed players were the first to spot this anomaly in the game. The flag in question, a crucial detail in depicting the character’s background, is visually similar to the Puerto Rican flag. Both flags share characteristics such as five stripes, a left-hand triangle, and a central star. However, the crucial distinction is in their color schemes; the Cuban flag features a red triangle and blue stripes, while the Puerto Rican flag exhibits a blue triangle and red stripes.

Insomniac’s Director of Community and Marketing, James Stevenson, promptly acknowledged the mistake on Twitter and assured fans that a correction is in the works. In response to a follower’s query about the flag error, Stevenson replied, “Fix is coming for that.”

The flag discrepancy is further emphasized by the fact that the game already includes an alternate suit for Miles Morales inspired by the Puerto Rican flag, with the correct colors this time. This oversight may have initially baffled fans, but Insomniac’s dedication to authenticity is evident in their quick response to rectify the situation.


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While fans eagerly await the correction, Insomniac has announced other forthcoming updates for Spider-Man 2, including the addition of a New Game Plus mode and a mission replay feature, expected to be implemented later this year. It is anticipated that the flag error will be addressed long before these updates.

Spider-Man 2 was released on October 20, 2023, to widespread critical acclaim, solidifying its status as one of Insomniac’s highest-rated games to date. The game’s remarkable attention to detail and commitment to authenticity continue to make it a favorite among fans of the iconic web-slinging hero.