1001 Billboards form Starfield ad campaign

Image source: Bethesda

Piecing together the puzzle.

Bethesda has initiated a slightly unusual advertising campaign ahead of Starfield‘s release. Aptly named ‘Windows to the Worlds,’ this campaign has enthusiasts across the globe on the hunt for one-of-a-kind billboards showcasing the game’s immersive environments.

1001 Starfield Billboard Campaign Launches Worldwide

In a global treasure hunt of sorts, Bethesda has dispersed 1001 distinctive Starfield billboards across various locations. Each of these billboards offers a unique glimpse into the vast universe of Starfield, identifiable by a unique number displayed in the bottom-right corner.

The official Starfield Twitter account has enthusiastically encouraged players to embark on this thrilling scavenger hunt. Players are urged to spot these billboards and engage in discussions about their findings on the game’s dedicated Discord server.

The introduction message on the Discord channel sets the stage for the adventure: “Across the world, we have hidden 1001 unique and numbered ‘Windows to the Worlds,’ offering a glimpse into the universe of Starfield. Share your photos and discuss with your fellow explorers in the post labeled for your territory.”

As of the latest update, only four of these billboards have been shared on the Discord platform, specifically numbers 118, 210, 376, and 402 (thanks VGC). Remarkably, all four were discovered in the United Kingdom, primarily in London Underground stations, including notable locations such as Waterloo and Kings Cross St Pancras. An unverified report suggests one might have also been spotted on a Northern Line platform.

Intriguingly, a tram in Australia was also seen adorned with a large Starfield advertisement, although it lacks a numbered designation. This has raised speculations that it may not be part of the same global campaign.

The excitement surrounding Starfield has been building for years, and the wait is nearly over. The game is slated for an official release on September 6, 2023.

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For those eager to embark on their space exploration journey ahead of schedule, purchasing the game’s Premium Edition or Constellation Edition will grant them early access to Starfield starting on August 31st or September 1st, depending on their time zone.

This latest campaign isn’t Bethesda’s only marketing campaign thus far; last week, we reported on its content creator Space Camp.