Starfield Space Camp

Image source: Bethesda

Get ready for lift off!

Bethesda, the renowned gaming company behind beloved titles like The Elder Scrolls and Fallout, has recently unveiled an unconventional trailer for its highly anticipated new RPG, Starfield. This seven-minute-long trailer takes an innovative approach by blending the gaming world with real-life experiences. In preparation for the game’s upcoming early access launch on Sept. 1st, Bethesda invited a group of influencers to a “Space Camp” where they would emulate some of the mechanics seen in Starfield.

Influencer Space Camp Hypes Starfield Launch

Starfield is a landmark project for Bethesda as it marks the company’s first new intellectual property in over a quarter of a century. After nearly seven years of development, the gaming community is buzzing with excitement as the early access phase of Starfield is set to commence on September 1st, with the full release slated for Sept. 6. Much like Bethesda’s other iconic franchises, Starfield is an open-world RPG that places a strong emphasis on exploration. However, this time, the vast open world is set in a futuristic sci-fi universe with an array of planets to explore.

The star-studded influencer lineup for the Starfield Space Camp trailer includes Astro_Alexandra, Filspixel, LilyPichu, and Myth. In the trailer, this eclectic group of content creators takes on a series of challenges designed to emulate the mechanics and experiences found within Starfield.

The first challenge sees the group experiencing the game’s boost pad mechanic in real life. To replicate the sensation of navigating low-gravity environments in the game, they use specially designed chairs that simulate the feeling of weightlessness. Each influencer gets a chance to bounce around and float as if they were exploring the far reaches of the cosmos.

The second challenge puts the creators to work on emulating ship repairs, a crucial element of Starfield’s gameplay. They are given a taste of what it’s like to tinker with and maintain a large spaceship, adding a touch of authenticity to the space-faring adventure.

Towards the end of the trailer, the influencers face their most challenging test yet: the Multi-Axis Trainer. This device spins them around in all directions, mimicking the disorienting experience of space flight. It’s an immersive attempt to convey the thrills and challenges that players will encounter in Starfield’s interstellar journeys.


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Starfield is set to make its debut on Sept. 1 when early access becomes available to eager gamers. The full release of the game is scheduled for Sept. 6, when players can dive headfirst into the vast universe that Bethesda has meticulously crafted. Starfield will be accessible on PC and the Xbox Series X and Series S, promising players a captivating space-faring experience.

We Game Daily will be blasting off later this week with plenty more Stafield coverage, so stay tuned. Until then, check out the game’s story trailer.