how to get stellar star in Sol's RNG

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Craft me some potions, witch!

There’s no getting around it: getting Stella’s Star in Sol’s RNG in Roblox is a bit of a long-winded process that isn’t straightforward. That’s exactly why we’ve written a guide to explain how to get Stella’s Star, which will reward you with some of the most useful potions in Sol’s RNG. Let’s get started.

Getting Stella’s Star in Sol’s RNG: Full Walkthrough

First things first, you’ll need to locate Stella, a witch who resides within the mines of Sol’s RNG. She’s known for her exceptional potion-crafting skills. In particular, potions are crucial for enhancing your chances of acquiring superior Auras. Here’s a breakdown of how to find her:

  • Starting Point: From where you spawn, proceed straight towards the hanging bridge.
  • Navigate the Trees: To your left, you’ll notice stairs suspended from a tree. Climb these stairs, follow the treetop path around the mountain, and you’ll find yourself at a tree facing the mountain.
  • Mountain Ascent: Spot a waterfall to your right and a ladder to your left. Leap forward to climb the mountain, sticking to the left and carefully ascending the stairs to the waterfall.
  • The Waterfall Cave: Execute a calculated jump behind the waterfall to discover a hidden cave. Leap into the lava pit within to be transported to another cave area.
  • Torchlit Path: Avoid the bridge and instead, follow the left path marked by torches and platforms, eventually leading to a candlelit path.
  • Final Destination: The end of this path holds the key to your quest – Stella is here.

Stella’s Star Location

After reaching Stella, she assigns you the task of finding a star-shaped material, famously known as Stella’s Star. This item becomes more accessible post-Starfall weather events, enhancing its spawn rate. For best results, scour locations known for coin and item spawns. Securing this star is a matter of patience and a sprinkle of luck.

So we’re crystal, here’s a step-by-step:

  • Await the occurrence of the Starfall event.
  • During the Starfall weather phenomenon, Stella’s Star may appear on the ground.
  • When you spot one, collect it.
  • Return to Stella to deliver the star. (Refer back to the previously mentioned steps if necessary!)

What Rewards You’ll Get

Once you’ve successfully returned the star to Stella, she reciprocates by crafting invaluable potions, which in turn boost your chances of acquiring better Auras. These potions include:

  • Fortune Potion (Levels I, II, & III)
  • Heavenly Potion (Levels I & II)
  • Haste Potion (Levels I & II)
  • Universe Potion

That wraps up how to get Stella’s Star in Sol’s RNG. It’s certainly a long-winded quest that presents a tricky challenge, but the rewards justify the effort. If you’re a fan of other Roblox games we’ve got plenty of useful content for the likes of Blox Fruits.