nintendo switch 2 leak

Image source: Nintendo

What a way to kick off the week!

According to a leaker, Nintendo Switch 2 dev kits are real and have been received by a Spanish studio. While the leak lacks specific details to establish its reliability, it is worth noting that the source, Nash Weedle, accurately revealed the existence of Metroid Dread before Nintendo’s official announcement.

Hence, there is a certain degree of validity to this report, implying that the console’s announcement may occur earlier than anticipated by some. It is worth noting that Nash Weedle’s Spanish background supports their familiarity with Spanish studios, not just related to this recent report, but also evident from their accurate leak about Metroid Dread, developed by the Spanish studio MercurySteam.

Nintendo Switch 2 Dev Kits Arrive at Spanish Studio

Considering the information at hand, one could reasonably assume that the studio mentioned, which supposedly possesses ‘Switch 2’ development kits, is likely MercurySteam. However, it is important to note that this remains mere speculation. In reality, it is possible that another studio unintentionally revealed this information, considering that MercurySteam, due to their close ties with Nintendo, would likely exercise greater caution in such matters.

Behind the Games, a popular Spanish YouTuber, recently released a video providing additional details about the report. According to the YouTuber, he had a conversation with Nash Weedle who revealed that the mysterious Spanish studio is currently conducting tests on the dev kit using a Nintendo Switch Pro controller. This is because Nintendo is extremely determined to prevent any leaks regarding the new controller for their upcoming console.


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Again, take all of this with a pinch of salt as it’s all unconfirmed. However, if it turns out to be true, it appears that Nintendo has something unique in store for the ‘Switch 2’ controllers. They are likely not just a slightly upgraded edition of the current Joy-Cons. Additionally, there is a possibility that the current Switch Pro Controller may be compatible with the ‘Switch 2’, though this could be a temporary feature limited to developer kits.