Where To Find the Musical Map Treasure in Hogwarts

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Treasure trove.

Hogwarts Legacy transports players back to the 1800s, where players get to live out their Harry Potter fantasy in a spectacular open world filled with challenges. Among these is “Solved by the Bell,” which triggers after you’ve found a mysterious musical map at Henrietta’s Hideaway. It promises treasure to those who can work out the correct sequence, but if you’re a beginner struggling to work it out we’re here to help.

Finding the Map at Henrietta’s Hideaway

As you’ll likely already be aware, getting the Musical Map involves completing a short quest at Henrietta’s Hideaway. During this quest you’ll encounter a cube puzzle similar to the one in the “Hippogriff Marks the Spot” quest, which involves casting the “Incendio” spell on a statue to the left, revealing a cube. Next, you’ll have to use the “Accio” spell to move the cube onto a left pedestal. To open a hidden door, cast “Incendio” on the left cube and “Glacius” on the right one.

As you progress through the quest, you’ll face multiple Ashwinder Soldiers, Rangers, Duelists, Executioners, and Scouts. In the final room, upon nearing the wall, a path will open, leading you to the room where the Musical Map is located.

Here, you’ll discover a Musical Map that serves as a key to hidden treasure. This map initiates the side quest “Solved by the Bell”. It tasks you with deciphering an encrypted musical note pattern on the map parchment to uncover the treasure.

Go to Clagmar Castle With the Musical Map

The first step to use the Musical Map in Hogwarts Legacy is to travel to Clagmar Castle, a Bandit Camp located slightly southeast of Clagmar Coast’s center in the Southern Highlands. You’ll find the Musical Map’s bells near the wooden scaffolding west of the Clagmar Castle’s Floo Flame. Remember, you can easily locate points of interest such as this using our interactive map page.

If it’s your initial visit to Clagmar Castle, be prepared to face some enemies before you can safely access the Musical Map puzzle. Although you could bypass most defenses using the Disillusionment Spell, you’ll need your Wand to ring the bells in a specific order. This might attract some unwanted attention, so it’s advisable to clear the castle before attempting the puzzle.

Deciphering the Musical Map

Once you’ve located the bells, it’s time to strike them in the correct order to unveil the treasure. Here’s the order you need to follow:

  1. Strike Bell Two
  2. Strike Bell Five
  3. Strike Bell Seven
  4. Strike Bell Six
  5. Strike Bell Five
  6. Strike Bell Nine
  7. Strike Bell Eight
  8. Strike Bell Six

After striking the bells in the right order, your journey doesn’t end here. You must then travel through various locations, defeating enemies, and solving puzzles to finally reach the treasure chest. Inside the chest, you’ll find the Treasure-Seeker’s Longcoat.

That wraps up this Hogwarts Legacy quest walkthrough, which has hopefully provided you with a thorough overview of how to use the musical map to get treasure.