unlock breeding pen in hogwarts legacy

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Make more and more.

In Hogwarts Legacy, the Breeding Pen serves as a breeding ground for magical beasts. It allows you to pair a male and female beast of the same species and breed a baby beast. This process is somewhat similar to brewing potions at a Potions Station. For those wondering how to unlock and use the breeding pen, here’s a comprehensive overview.

Unlocking the Breeding Pen in Hogwarts Legacy

Unlocking the Breeding Pen requires you to complete two quests and a trial. These are as follows:

  • Clear Charles Rookwood’s Trial
  • Complete “The Plight of the House-Elf” with Deek
  • Complete the Side Quest “Foal of the Dead”

To start the “Foal of the Dead” quest, you must first finish Charles Rookwood’s Trial and “The Plight of the House-Elf” with Deek. After these prerequisites are met, you can find Deek in the Room of Requirement, where he will assign you a mission to save a Thestral in the northern region of the map (use our interactive map page for the precise location).

Following this, purchase the Breeding Pen Spellcraft in Hogsmeade in the game Hogwarts Legacy. Then, return to Deek who will provide a new Vivarium for your Room. In this new space, you can set up your Breeding Pen as desired. When interacting with the sign at the front of the pen, choose a male and female Thestral. You have the option to either wait in-game or engage in additional quests before returning to witness the birth of a new foal.

Upon completion of this quest, you’re free to breed as many Beasts as you like, given that you have enough space in the Vivarium and the species of the male and female are the same.

How to Use the Breeding Pen

Once you’ve unlocked the Breeding Pen, you can begin to use it. To get yourself up and running with one, follow these steps:

  • Go to the newly unlocked Vivarium in the Room of Requirement and place your Breeding Pen.
  • Interact with the small sign at the front of the pen and select a male and female Thestral.
  • Wait for the breeding process to finish, which takes around half an hour.
  • Once the waiting period is over, visit your Breeding Pen to welcome your newborn Thestral.

You can breed as many beasts as you wish, provided you have a male and female of the same species. The breeding pen is a valuable addition to your vivarium, allowing you to expand your family of beasts and mounts.

Not only can you conjure a breeding pen for your beasts, but you can also learn how to get breeding pen Hogwarts Legacy through spellcraft. This will allow you to care for and grow your collection of magical creatures, including the majestic thestrals. Additionally, you can unlock new mounts and purchase foals from the breeding pen to expand your magical family.

Some top tips include:

  • Always ensure you have a male and female of the same species.
  • You can leave your game AFK or complete more quests while waiting for the breeding process to finish.
  • Ensure you have enough space in the Vivarium for your new beasts.

Hopefully, this has given you everything you need to know about how to unlock the breeding pen and use it. Hogwarts Legacy is now available on Nintendo Switch, joining launch platforms PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X and Series S, Xbox One, and PC.