Unlock Juri's Retro Costume

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The more outfits, the better!

In Street Fighter 6, players have the opportunity to unlock additional outfits, such as Juri’s retro costume, which adds a level of personalization to the game beyond distinguishing between Player 1 and Player 2. This guide aims to provide two methods for unlocking Juri’s retro costume in Street Fighter 6, along with its alternate colors.

Unlocking Juri’s Retro Costume in Street Fighter 6

Unlock Juri's Retro Costume

Juri’s Retro Costume, also known as Outfit 2, features a black and purple catsuit that first appeared in Street Fighter 5. Alongside the default costume, players can access 10 different alternate colors once the outfit is obtained. Here are the two methods to unlock Juri’s retro costume in Street Fighter 6:

  1. Via the in-game Goods Shop: The fastest way to obtain Juri’s Outfit 2 is to purchase it. The retro costume is priced at 50 Fighter Coins, which is approximately $23. For players who own the Street Fighter 6: Ultimate Edition bundle, the costume will be automatically unlocked.
  2. Unlock it from the World Tour mode: The alternative method involves reaching a Trust Level of 100 with Juri in the World Tour mode. However, players must first complete a side quest in the latter part of the game to unlock her.

To initiate the quest, players must progress to Chapter 11, where a side quest titled “A Hardboiled Adventure” becomes available in the Nayshall area. Note that access to the side quest area is only granted in Chapter 12. Players should continue playing the game until they reach this point. Once the area is accessible, locate an NPC named Govind in Nayshall and interact with him. He will reveal that he requires assistance as a detective.

From there, players must find an individual named Sandal, who will redirect them to another person named Capana. Following the provided clues, players will eventually reach an alley, which is only accessible at night. Rest at the Hangout until nighttime, return to the alley, and engage in a fight. Upon victory, Juri will appear. Interact with Juri Han until she surrenders and agrees to teach the player her powerful Feng Shui Engine-powered Taekwondo moves. However, there is an additional requirement before unlocking Juri’s Street Fighter 6 retro costume.

As Juri becomes the player’s Master, they must achieve the maximum Trust Level with her. Utilize her moves in fights and partake in sparring sessions with Juri. Besides combat, purchasing Gifts for Masters is an effective method to increase Bonds. For Juri, the recommended Gift is the Wrench, which can be acquired in India and grants 5 Bond Points. Once Trust Level 100 is reached, players can select Juri’s retro costume when choosing characters in Street Fighter 6 matches.


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Street Fighter 6 was released on June 2 for PS5, PS4, PC, and Xbox Series X|S platforms.