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Not so obvious.

If you’re wondering how to unlock the Ganos Shrine in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom you’re in the right place.

Shrines often reside in hard-to-reach locations, necessitating the completion of quests, such as the Ganos Shrine. Read on to discover how to successfully undertake The Tabantha Sky Crystal quest and gain access to Ganos Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom.

Unlocking the Ganos Shrine in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Ganos Shrine, like many other hidden challenges, is situated high above the skies of Hyrule, specifically on the Tabantha Sky Archipelago. To facilitate your journey, you can follow these coordinates: -3370, 0467, 1709.

To reach this Shrine, you’ll require a considerable amount of Stamina. If you have already unlocked Ga-ahisas Shrine, you can simply fly to Ganos Shrine. If not, you’ll need to follow a more arduous path:

  1. Begin by using the Gerudo Highlands Skyview Tower and flying north.
  2. On the islands, you’ll come across various Zonai Devices.
  3. Attach these devices to the stone platform, enabling you to ascend as high as possible, closer to the Tabantha Sky Archipelago.
  4. Utilize your paraglider to soar toward Ganos Shrine.

Upon interacting with the Shrine, you will initiate The Tabantha Sky Crystal quest. To complete this quest, you must follow the green beam, locate the Crystal, and return it to the Shrine. However, be prepared to face a formidable adversary guarding the Crystal. Follow these straightforward steps to obtain the Crystal:

  1. Fly over to the next island, where the Flex Construct III roams.
  2. You don’t necessarily need to defeat it; instead, use your Ultrahand to detach the Crystal. (Alternatively, you can attack the boss until it breaks into blocks, making it easier to collect the Crystal.)
  3. Retrieve the Crystal and swiftly make your way to the nearby small island.
  4. Attach the Crystal to the platform using the Zonai Devices and employ it to soar towards Ganos Shrine.
  5. Upon presenting the Crystal to Ganos Shrine, you will receive the Light of Blessing and a Diamond.


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