how to sell a house in house flipper 2

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Makin' bank.

‍If you’ve ever had an inkling you’re a realtor at heart, House Flipper 2 is a sim game that offers the buzz of flipping houses for profit. Ironically, it isn’t necessarily easy to work out how the process works. So, if you’re stuck and wondering where to start, this handy House Flipper 2 guide covers selling houses in detail, from purchasing a property to selling it for a tidy sum. We’re breaking down the whole topic, so skip to the bottom via the table below if you just want to know the nuts and bolts of the main question.

Flipping Houses in House Flipper 2, Explained

Unsurprisingly, the primary motivation for selling a house in House Flipper 2 is to earn virtual money. While the initial costs might seem steep, the potential returns from renovating and reselling houses make the investment worthwhile.

Buying Your First House

Once you’ve amassed sufficient funds from completing missions, you can start buying properties to flip. Here’s how:

  1. Access the browser on your in-game laptop.
  2. Browse the available properties for sale.
  3. Select a property within your budget.

Remember, the costliest property may not always be the best choice. As a beginner, it’s advisable to start with a less expensive property that requires minimal renovation. This way, you can learn the ropes without risking too much money.

Renovating the Property

Your newly acquired property will likely need some work. Here’s where your creativity and strategic thinking come into play. You’ll need to decide which renovations will most appeal to potential buyers and increase the property’s value.

  1. Cleanup: Start by removing any trash and cleaning up stains. This will pave the way for the actual renovation work.
  2. Repairs: Fix up any damaged areas in the house. This could involve repairing walls, replacing broken fixtures, or fixing leaky pipes.
  3. Redecoration: Give the house a fresh look with new paint, wallpaper, and flooring. Remember, your design choices should appeal to the potential buyers in the game.
  4. Furnishing: Add furniture and decorations to each room. Essential items like beds and couches should be your priority.

Pro Tip: Take a break between rooms to avoid burnout. Not only will this keep the renovation process fun, but it also allows you to earn more money from missions to spend on furniture and decorations.

Setting the Stage for Sale

Once you’ve completed all the renovations, it’s time to prepare the house for sale. This involves highlighting the features that make your house appealing to potential buyers. For instance, you could emphasize a newly renovated kitchen or a spacious backyard. Remember, the more appealing your house is, the higher the bid you’re likely to receive.

How to Sell a House in House Flipper 2

selling houses in house flipper 2

The final step in the house flipping process is selling the property. Here’s how:

  1. Start the auction: Navigate back to the ‘Houses’ tab on your laptop and select the ‘Auction’ option (second from the right, top). Your renovated house will be put up for bidding.
  2. Evaluate the bids: Review the bids you receive from potential buyers. Each buyer will have different preferences, which will affect their bid.
  3. Negotiate or Accept the bid: Depending on your negotiation skills, you can either accept the highest bid or try to negotiate for a better price.

Note: Rejecting an offer and continuing to improve your house might incur additional costs.

Auction Option Not Appearing, Explained

Pulling up the auction menu is a struggle for some players, either due to a bug or not completely understanding which houses are valid for sale. Keep in mind that the option to start an auction is there from the beginning so long as you are on a property you own, which is not your office. You also cannot sell your parent’s house.

If you feel as though you’re following the procedure but still can’t find the tab, it may be an unfortunate bug. In some cases, we found visiting the house you want to sell and auctioning it from that location helps.

Finally, we’ve seen some players report that the house they wanted to sell appeared differently in the auction tab. While it may appear the house in the image isn’t the one you want to sell, it is — or you may need to auction your desired house from that alternate location.

So there you have it. By following this comprehensive guide about how to sell a house, you’ll be well-equipped to tackle house flipping in House Flipper 2 and make a substantial profit in the game. Now get flipping!