moria repair weapons

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Fix em' up, Scotty.

As you embark on your quest to reclaim the lost spoils of Moria, mining resources, and hacking down orcs, keeping your weapons in top-notch condition is a big deal. Here we’ll break down how to repair weapons and tools in Return to Moria.

Repairing Weapons & Tools in Return to Mora, Explained

Repairing weapons is an essential aspect of gameplay in Return to Moria (duh). Most weapons have durability, and as you use them, they degrade. Keeping your weapons in good condition ensures they remain effective in battles against the perils lurking in the dark depths of Moria.

To construct the Repair Smithy, you’ll need to ensure there’s a Stone Hearth or Camp Hearth established in the vicinity. Once you’ve unlocked the building option for a specific area, navigate to the construction menu, access the ‘Essentials and Crafting’ section, and choose the Repair Smithy. The materials necessary for building the Repair Smithy include Iron ingots.

When you interact with the Repair Smithy, you’ll be presented with an overview of their equipment, including its current durability percentage. All types of equipment can be restored by utilizing metal fragments, which can be discovered throughout Moria. The specific quantity of fragments needed for repair varies according to the equipment type and its level of damage. Generally, the repair costs are quite modest, and an abundance of fragments can be readily obtained, ensuring that players face no significant challenges when it comes to rejuvenating their weapons’ durability.

As you’ll likely accumulate an excess of these materials over time, it’s advisable to carry a stockpile with you for constructing a Repair Smithy during unexpected or urgent situations.

So, in Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria, weapon repair is clearly vital to ensure your survival in the treacherous depths of the mines. By following the outlined process and utilizing the information from various sources, you can keep your weapons in pristine condition, craft powerful tools, and forge your path. Read our beginner’s tips and tricks if you’re after a hub of information about the game.