steel ingots in moria

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Basic recipe.

In Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria, obtaining steel ingots is a bit of a milestone, as these ingots are necessary resources for crafting advanced tools and equipment, allowing you to overcome various obstacles and progress further in the game. But you haven’t got there yet, clearly, so let’s explain how to acquire steel ingots, along with the crafting recipe and materials required.

Getting Steel Ingot in Return to Moria

The long and the short of this activity is that you need to get the Great Forge working. Let’s save you the fluff and provide simple steps to follow:

  1. Progress in the Main Quest: To unlock the steel ingots recipe, your journey begins with the main quest line. Continue following the quest until you reach the second area of the game, which is the Elven Quarter. In this area, you’ll encounter various obstacles that require tools made from steel, setting the stage for your need to obtain steel ingots.
  2. Find the Shortcut to the Mines: As you explore the Elven Quarter, you’ll eventually come across a seemingly impassable obstacle—a wall you can’t mine through. This becomes the catalyst for unlocking the steel ingots recipe.
  3. Ignite a Great Forge: Your encounter with the unmineable wall will trigger a new objective: “Ignite a Great Forge.” Typically, you’ll find the Great Forge in proximity to the unmineable wall, marking a significant location on your journey.
  4. Ignite the Great Forge: Proceed to the Great Forge and take action to ignite it. This crucial step unlocks the crafting recipe for steel ingots.

How to Craft Steel Ingots

With the steel ingots recipe unlocked, you’re ready to craft steel ingots using the following materials:

  • Iron Ore x3: Each steel ingot requires three pieces of Iron Ore. Fortunately, Iron Ore is a relatively common resource in the game, especially in the early regions you explore.
  • Coal x3: Coal is the fuel needed to smelt Iron Ore into steel ingots. You’ll need three pieces of Coal for each crafting cycle. Make sure to have an ample supply of coal to sustain the smelting process.

The crafting process for a single steel ingot takes approximately 45 seconds. During this time, monitor the fuel inside the furnace to ensure a seamless smelting process.

Just because we haven’t provided enough steps already, let’s give you some more! To recap, the step-by-step process to obtain and craft steel ingots in Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria involves:

  1. Progressing through the main quest until you reach the Elven Quarter.
  2. Discovering the shortcut to the mines and activating the “Ignite a Great Forge” objective.
  3. Igniting the Great Forge, which unlocks the recipe for steel ingots.
  4. Gathering the necessary materials: Iron Ore (x3) and Coal (x3).
  5. Returning to your furnace to commence crafting steel ingots. These ingots are indispensable for creating advanced tools and equipment, enabling you to overcome challenges and advance your journey in the game.

You should be well-equipped to obtain steel ingots and enhance your gameplay experience in Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria. Make sure you check out other WGD content on the game, such as our starter guide, by using the search function (no, not Google search – our search!).