how to get vasto lorde

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Arrancars, unite.

Type Soul has burst back onto the Roblox scene in 2024, and many keen players seem to be going for the Arrancar path. If you’re aiming to become the ultimate hollow then here we’re explaining how to get Vasto Lorde in Type Soul.

Getting Vasto Lorde in Type Soul, Walkthrough

When you start the game, you’ll begin your journey as a Hollow, specifically in the form of a Fishbone. Your first objective is to evolve into a Menos. This transformation requires you to seek out and defeat NPC Menos. You can tell which Menos is the NPC as opposed to a player-controlled one because they move in a more generic pattern.

Once you’ve taken out an NPC Menos, you need to interact with its corpse to initiate your transformation. Remember, player Menos will not leave a corpse behind, so focus your efforts on NPCs.


Transforming into a Menos marks the beginning of a more straightforward path. From the spawn area, follow the directions provided in the original guide, leading you to a drop into the Menos Forest. Equip the Menos essence from your inventory to utilize your abilities effectively. You’re tasked with beating another NPC Menos here, which should propel you to the next stage of evolution.


As an Adjuchas, you have two options: pressing Ctrl + K transforms you into a Vastigar. But if you want Vasto Lorde, a few more actions are required. You’ll need to hunt NPC Adjuchas, which drop M cracks with each kill. You need 25 M cracks, then your screen will display directions, leading you to a boss fight encounter with a Vasto Lorde NPC.

Beating Vasto Lorde

Vasto Lorde is a tricky fight, which is best completed with some buddies. If you’re solo, though, we recommend fighting around the terrain and doing a hit-and-run tactic so you can heal between engagements. But if you can partner up with a healer buddy you’ll be in a way better spot.

That wraps up how to get Vasto Lorde in Type Soul. If you need more help then check out our codes guide.