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HoYoverse’s latest game, Honkai Star Rail, looks set to follow the success of Genshin Impact and become one of 2023’s big hits. An action-RPG cut from the same cloth, it’s similarly a F2P title with a gacha system. For those not keen to spend the money, here’s a way to earn a bunch of free pulls (Warps) that help you earn rewards fast.

Thanks to an enormous 10 million pre-registrations, the developer is giving lots of 80 Warps totally free. Here’s how to get 80 free pulls in Honkai Star Rail.

80 Free Pulls in Honkai Star Rail

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Your free 80 pulls don’t come all at once. They’re earned by completing a number of different activities. Let’s break it down.

Your first 20 free pulls in Honkai Star Rail are nice and simple since they’re actually in your Mailbox. All you have to do is access it from your inventory and redeem the welcome gift. Each Warp costs a single Star Rail Pass. It’s worth noting this welcome gift is likely to change in the future, so make sure you redeem it quickly!

The rest of your free 80 Warps are tied to achieving a higher account level. In Honkai Star Rail, this is referred to as your “Trailblazer Level.” If you’ve played Genshin Impact, you’ll remember Adventure Rank, which is basically the same thing.

In Honkai Star Rail, Trailblazer levels are milestones, and there’s a specific Trailblazer Event that rewards you with lots of Star Rail passes and currency. It’s called the “Trailblazing Will” event, which is permanent and offers a whopping 40 Star Rail Passes.

This means lots of opportunity to cash in on pulls, though each level milestone does take a while to acquire. Here’s each milestone and the number of Star Rail Passes you can expect from the “Trailblazing Will” event:

  • Trailblaze Level 5 – 10 Star Rail Pass
  • Trailblaze Level 15 – 10 Star Rail Pass
  • Trailblaze Level 25 – 10 Star Rail Pass
  • Trailblaze Level 35 – 10 Star Rail Pass

It is important to mention that, in addition to earning Passes, you will also acquire another form of currency known as Jades as you progress through this event. These Jades can be utilized to obtain Warps. A total of 1600 Stellar Jades can be converted into 10 Warps or pulls, granting you a total of 50 pulls throughout the event.

To obtain the final 10 free pulls, you will need to consistently log into the game for seven consecutive days to claim the daily rewards. Any seven-day period will suffice, as long as you remain committed and ensure that you do so seven times. This is a time-limited event called “A World Beyond,” which will conclude on June 6. Therefore, it is advisable to take prompt action and make the most of this opportunity.

How to Increase Trailblazer Level Fast & Easy

Once again, your Trailblazer level corresponds to your Account Level, and it rises as you engage in the typical activities you would anticipate. The most effective approach to increasing your level involves completing quests and side quests, as well as utilizing Trailblaze Points to tackle Calyx Challenges. These unique combat activities enable you to level up swiftly. Furthermore, there are a few additional tips and tricks to consider, so let’s delve into the details:

  • Daily quests – these quest types are typically very simple to complete and always reward with 1,000 XP.
  • Buying items in shops – every time you purchase an item you’ll get a little bit of XP.

It’s worth noting that in addition to Jade, you’ll also get other rewards as your Trailblazer Level increases. These include Credits, Light Cone Enhancement Items, Character Ascension Items, and more.

Other Ways to Earn Free Honkai Pulls

In fact, there are a few additional ways to obtain Honkai pulls without spending any money. Hoyoverse aims to keep players engaged in the game by maintaining a generous gacha system, extending beyond the already fair Pity System. So, what are these methods exactly? One way is by watching popular Honkai Twitch streamers, as you can frequently earn free currency as a reward. Although the amount is not substantial (typically around 80 Jade), you can accumulate it over time and allocate those funds towards acquiring Warps.

The other method to earning easy Jade to use toward Warps is Daily Training. If you complete all the various activities during Daily Training you’ll always have a steady flow of Jade. Again, it’s only 10-20 Jade per activity, but it all adds up!