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Launch woes.

‍Ah, yes. The age-old problem: a new multiplayer game launches and the servers can’t handle the load on day one. Indeed, the unexpected success of Palworld, a unique monster-capturing survival game, has resulted in a surge of players, leading to certain server issues. No surprise, one of the common issues that players are facing is a “Failed to Host Multiplayer Session” error. This guide aims to provide detailed solutions and workarounds to help you overcome this obstacle and enjoy the game with your friends.

Palworld “Failed to Host Multiplayer Session” Error, Explained

The “Failed to Host Multiplayer Session” error in Palworld occurs when players attempt to create an online room for friends. The error message is mainly linked to the game’s server instability, which is likely due to the high demand following the game’s launch. The servers struggle to keep up with the influx of players, leading to this issue. It’s essential to understand that this problem is more about server scaling than any individual technical glitch.

How to Fix Failed to Host Multiplayer Session” Error

There are a few workarounds that players have found useful in resolving this error. While these solutions do not guarantee success, they’re worth trying.

Retry Hosting Multiple Times

Some players reported that persistently repeating the hosting process eventually establishes a connection. The server’s resources fluctuate under load, and by retrying, you might get lucky and connect.

Restart the Entire Game Client

Closing and relaunching Palworld before attempting to host again has also been successful for some players. It seems that completely quitting the game and starting it again could potentially resolve the issue.

Play at Off-Peak Hours

Hosting sessions late at night or early in the morning can often bypass peak congestion. Fewer concurrent players are using resources during these times, increasing your chances of successfully hosting a session.

Checking Palworld’s Server Status

A useful tool at your disposal is the official Palworld server status page. This page displays real-time network conditions, as well as any active incident notifications from providers relating to capacity limitations. By keeping this site bookmarked, you can stay updated on server status and maintenance, which might help in resolving connection issues.

Alternative Solutions from the Player Community

While the developer is working on fixing the server issues, the player community has been active in sharing their experiences and possible solutions. Some players have suggested that ensuring that UDP ports 8221 & 8211 are allowed on your network can potentially resolve the issue. You can open these ports on your internet router.

However, it’s important to note that this solution might not work for everyone, as the root cause of the problem lies with the server capacity.

While it can be frustrating to encounter these errors, remember that like all new multiplayer games, Palworld’s server infrastructure needs time to adjust to its sudden popularity. The developer is aware of the issue and is working on a fix. If you’re curious about setting up your own dedicated server then we have a walkthrough for that process.