cyberpunk 2077 2.1 update

Image source: CD Projekt Red

Swaying in anticipation.

The much-anticipated 2.1 update for Cyberpunk 2077 has brought a host of new features and improvements, enhancing the game’s overall experience. Players can now enjoy a new ridable metro system, expanded romance options, and more immersive gameplay elements, bringing the game closer to its initial promise. However, for all the good comes one pesky new issue. Here’s how to fix controller drift in Cyberpunk 2077 2.12 if you’ve started encountering the issue after installing. We’ve updated this article as the issue is still persistent after the launch of 2.12.

Fixing Controller Drift in Cyberpunk 2077 2.12

Controller drift is a phenomenon where the in-game camera or cursor moves without any input from the player. Ironically, the issue has long been a problem in Cyberpunk 2077, but it was masked by other fixes which now seem to have been undone by the extra fidelity the new update brings. There’s a workaround, though. Well, actually, there are a few different workarounds. Here’s a troubleshoot that should solve the problem:

Reset Controls to Default (Quick Fix)

This is the most common solution for controller drift. Many players found that simply resetting their control settings to default resolved the drift issue.

  • Navigate to the game’s settings, select the ‘Controller’ tab, and choose ‘Restore Defaults.’
  • If the drift is preventing you from reaching this option, you can use the F1 key as a shortcut.

Adjust Dead Zone Settings

  • The 2.1 patch notes mention adjustments to the controller’s inner dead zone settings.
  • If resetting to default doesn’t work, manually adjust the dead zone settings. The value you should adjust to is 0.35. It is likely that is currently at 0.1 if facing this issue.
  • Increasing the dead zone might help if your controller is slightly off-center.

Disconnect and Reconnect Controller

  • Some players resolved the issue by simply disconnecting and then reconnecting their controllers.
  • This can be particularly effective if you’re switching between controller and keyboard/mouse setups.

Check for Physical Controller Issues

Less likely to be the root of the issue, if the above hasn’t worked then it’s time to check your hardware. Test your controller with other games to see if the issue persists outside of Cyberpunk 2077.

If the problem is specific to a certain controller, try using a different one to see if the issue persists. This can help determine if the issue is with the game settings or the controller itself.

Verify Game Files

If the issue continues, verify the integrity of the game files through your game platform (Steam, GOG, etc.). This process can help fix any corrupted or missing files that might be causing the problem.

So there you have it. By resetting controls, adjusting settings, or verifying game files, you can usually get back to enjoying Cyberpunk 2077’s Night City without controller drift. If problems persist, keep an eye on official updates from CD Projekt Red, as they are known to address such issues in subsequent patches.