mother of dragons challenge in bitlife

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The Mother of Dragons challenge tests your skills in ruling a country, owning exotic pets, committing a murderous crime, and then making your escape. It’s a particularly fun one, but there are a few moving parts that make it slightly more complicated than others you might have done recently. To that end, let’s break down how to complete the Mother of Dragons challenge in BitLife.

Mother of Dragons Challenge in BitLife Walkthrough

Before we dive into the details, let’s take a closer look at the objectives of the Mother of Dragons challenge in BitLife. To complete this challenge, you will need to accomplish the following tasks:

  1. Become the Queen of Jordan.
  2. Own at least one Komodo dragon.
  3. Establish a 100% relationship with at least one Komodo dragon.
  4. Commit the daring act of murder, eliminating three or more people.
  5. Abdicate your throne and emigrate to Croatia.

Let’s break each step down in more detail so you have a complete walkthrough:

Becoming the Queen of Jordan

The first and most crucial step in the Mother of Dragons challenge is to ascend to the throne as the Queen of Jordan. This task can be achieved through different approaches, depending on whether you have the God Mode feature enabled or not. Let’s explore both options:

Option 1: Utilizing God Mode

If you have access to God Mode, becoming the Queen of Jordan is relatively straightforward. Start by creating a new character and select Jordan as your country of origin. Choose a female gender and set your royal status as a princess. Now, age up your character until your parents and siblings pass away, or until you reach an age where you can dispose of them early. Once you have completed this step, you will ascend to the throne and become the Queen of Jordan.

Option 2: Marrying into Royalty

If you don’t have access to God Mode, fear not! You can still achieve your dreams of becoming the Queen of Jordan by marrying into royalty. Begin by creating a new character and select Jordan as your country of origin. As you progress through your character’s life, keep an eye out for potential romantic partners who hold the occupation of Prince or King. Date and eventually marry one of these individuals, and you will find yourself donning the crown as the Queen of Jordan.

Additional Information:

  • If you have the Actor Job Pack, utilizing the Acting Special Talent can increase your chances of catching the eye of a royal suitor.
  • Participating in Drama Club activities during your character’s school years can also increase your chances of entering the royal family through marriage.

Owning a Komodo Dragon

The next task in the Mother of Dragons challenge is to own at least one Komodo dragon. These majestic creatures will become your loyal companions throughout your reign. Let’s explore the different methods of acquiring a Komodo dragon in BitLife:

  1. Exotic Pet Dealer: Visit the Activities tab and navigate to the Pets menu. Look for the Exotic Pet Dealer option, where you may find a Komodo dragon available for adoption. If you don’t see one immediately, try closing and reopening the app or age up and recheck the list. Persistence is key in finding these rare creatures.
  2. Black Market: Another option to consider is the Black Market expansion in BitLife. Within the Black Market, you can interact with a Wildlife Smuggler who may have a Komodo dragon among their inventory. If you can’t find a Komodo dragon in the Exotic Pet Dealer’s shop, try visiting the Black Market and speaking with the Wildlife Smuggler to increase your chances of acquiring one.

Once you have successfully obtained a Komodo dragon, you can proceed to the next task: establishing a strong relationship with your scaly companion.

Establishing a 100% Relationship with Your Komodo Dragon

To progress in the Mother of Dragons challenge, it is essential to develop a deep and meaningful bond with your Komodo dragon. Follow these steps to establish a 100% relationship with your scaly friend:

  1. Relationships Tab: Navigate to the Relationships tab in BitLife and select your Komodo dragon from the list of pets.
  2. Quality Time: Spend quality time with your Komodo dragon by engaging in activities like giving it treats, taking it for walks, and even giving it a bath. These interactions will help strengthen your bond and increase your relationship percentage.
  3. Persistence: Repeat these actions consistently until your relationship with your Komodo dragon reaches 100%. Remember, building a strong relationship takes time and effort, but the rewards are well worth it.

Committing the Act of Murder

As the Mother of Dragons, you must prove your strength and power by committing acts of murder. In BitLife, there are two methods to accomplish this task: regular means and execution using your royal power. Let’s explore both options:

  1. Regular Means: If you choose to murder someone by regular means, be cautious, as there is a risk that they may retaliate and eliminate you instead. Select the Activities tab, navigate to the Crime menu, and choose the Murder option. Select your victim and method carefully. Keep in mind that violent methods, such as a Drive By, have a higher chance of success. Repeat this process until you have successfully eliminated three or more individuals.
  2. Execution as Queen: As the Queen of Jordan, you have the power to execute individuals without facing significant repercussions. Choose the Execution option under the Activities tab and exercise your royal authority. While there is a possibility of public backlash, it is relatively rare, and the benefits outweigh the risks.

Abdicating and Emigrating to Croatia

The final task of the Mother of Dragons challenge is to abdicate your throne and emigrate to Croatia. Follow these steps to successfully complete this task:

  1. Abdication: Head to the Royalty menu under the Activities tab and select the option to abdicate. This will relinquish your title as the Queen of Jordan.
  2. Emigration: Now that you are no longer a queen, it’s time to leave your kingdom behind. Go to the Activities tab once again and select the Emigrate option. Search for Croatia in the available options. If you don’t see it initially, close and reopen the list or age up and try again. Once you locate Croatia, confirm your decision to emigrate, and you will have completed the final task of the Mother of Dragons challenge.

That wraps it up. Congratulations on beating the Mother of Dragons challenge in BitLife. You have proven your prowess as a ruler, tamed majestic creatures, and carried out daring acts.