how to pet a cat and what it does in hogwarts legacy

Image source: Portkey Games

Must. Pet. Ki

Harry Potter fans know all about cats. From the half-kneazle Crookshanks or the enigmatic Mrs. Norris, there are numerous four-legged companions in the franchise. So, it’s no surprise that cats make their appearance in Portkey Games’ awesome RPG. And you best believe you can pet them. But what does cat petting actually do in Hogwarts Legacy, if anything?

Cat Petting in Hogwarts Legacy, Explained

As you may already be aware, there are cats all over the open world map of Hogwarts Legacy. You can take a break from your magical exploits and pet these little cuties. But this act, as cozy as it is, doesn’t actually do anything. There’s no achievement tied to petting cats, and it doesn’t impact the plot or character progression at all. The role of cats in the game is just a mood booster! The simple pleasure of petting a tabby cat or sprinkling some catnip is merely a delightful escape from your wizarding duties.

With no added benefits or plot changes, why should you consider petting cats in Hogwarts Legacy let you pet the cats? Simply put, it enhances immersion and adds to the game’s charm. Cats like Crookshanks played a pivotal role in the emotional lives of Hogwarts students in the Harry Potter series. Similarly, by allowing you to interact with cats, the game recreates the ambiance of the beloved books.

Many players speculated that there might be an achievement for petting all the cats in Hogwarts Legacy, but that’s not the case. This feature is solely designed to enrich your gaming experience and bring you closer to the magic of the Wizarding World. For those who strive for completion, this means less worry about missing out on any kitty encounters and a chance to embrace the charm of petting cats in the game.

Beyond the cat-petting feature, Hogwarts Legacy offers several other interactive elements for an immersive experience. From spinning globes to sipping tea, you can engage with the environment in multiple ways.

Hogwarts Legacy is available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch. Our beginner guide is a great place for newcomers to learn some useful early game tips.