first fable 4 trailer looks amazing at Xbox showcase 2023

Image source: Xbox Game Studios

Not what you might expect, but still larger than life.

After years of anticipation, Fable 4 has finally graced us with its first proper trailer as part of Microsoft’s Xbox Games showcase 2023. Breaking the silence that lasted for three years, during which we only had a brief CG teaser to hold on to, we now have a more comprehensive look at what the game will entail. Xbox is resurrecting this beloved series after a substantial hiatus, and fans are eager to see what’s in store.

The trailer caught us off guard, to say the least. In its two-minute duration, we catch a glimpse of our new protagonist, potential gameplay footage, and an appearance by the one and only Richard Ayoade, who looms (very) large. Staying true to the Fable tradition, a cherished British celebrity takes on a central role. However, this time, the scale is bigger than ever before.

The exact placement of this Fable game within the existing trilogy remains somewhat unclear. Interestingly, it is simply titled “Fable” instead of “Fable 4,” suggesting the possibility of a complete reboot. Nevertheless, the game retains the silly humor and chicken-kicking antics characteristic of its predecessors, albeit with a lesser emphasis on the established lore, which may not fully satisfy long-time fans.

In line with Xbox’s earlier promises leading up to this showcase, the new Fable trailer showcases in-engine game footage, providing hope that it accurately represents the gameplay experience upon release. Although the trailer does not reveal much about the gameplay mechanics, it does offer insights into the tone that Playground Games aims to achieve—a crucial aspect that many Fable fans appreciate, alongside the combat system.

Playground Games, best known for the Forza series, is developing Fable. This comes after Microsoft shut down Lionhead Studios, the original developer of the series, in 2016, leading to the cancellation of Fable Legends. As a result, this Fable revival marks the first game in the series since Fable: The Journey in 2012 and the first mainline entry since Fable 3 in 2010.

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