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The sequel you've been waiting for.

The Summer Game Fest live stream on YouTube this year was filled with numerous surprises. However, arguably the most significant announcement was saved for the grand finale. The world premiere of Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth gameplay captivated viewers. The trailer also revealed an updated release window.

The first installment, ‘Final Fantasy VII: Remake,’ introduced a brilliant reimagining of the story featuring Ex-SOLDIER Cloud Strife and other familiar characters like Tifa Lockhart, Barret Wallace, Aerith Gainsborough, Red XIII (also known as ‘Nanaki’), as well as iconic antagonists such as President Shinra, his son Rufus, the Turks, Hojo, and, of course, Sephiroth himself. These characters were all influenced, in some way, by the extraterrestrial archvillain, Jenova.

The story began in the bustling city of Midgar, where the primary characters were introduced. It then took players through the events of AVALANCHE’s latest attack on the Shinra Corporation and the immediate aftermath. Both Shinra and the enigmatic Sephiroth targeted Cloud and his companions, leading to their expulsion from the city.

However, before their escape, Sephiroth confronted them in an unexpected and pivotal battle that resulted in significant trans-dimensional consequences. One notable outcome was the pre-credits emergence of Zack Fair, whose origin and possible survival remain unclear. This remake presents a fascinating new perspective on the story and its participants, promising even more excitement to come.

FFVII: Rebirth continues the narrative from this point as Cloud and his allies embark on a journey across the vast continents of Gaia. Their mission is to discover how to save the planet and humanity from Sephiroth and Jenova. The trailer showcases the unveiling of a sprawling open-world area, teeming with opportunities for exploration and travel between towns.

We catch a glimpse of the Chocobo Ranch near Midgar and the Mythril Mines, where the group encounters the Turks, including their formidable new member, Elena. The trailer also showcases one of the Mako Reactors and provides a fleeting look at the imposing Junon Harbor, which appears more menacing this time around. Prepare for the familiar and amusing music that accompanies Junon, too.

Additionally, the trailer teases Bugenhagen’s ominous lecture about the planet’s decline at Cosmo Canyon and Yuffie’s fateful encounter with the group in the wilderness. Fresh gameplay footage is showcased, highlighting the latest enhancements to the combat system, including the ability to control Red XIII as a non-guest character.

Furthermore, the trailer hints at what lies ahead in the story, shrouded in mystery. Sephiroth returns in various encounters with the party, both in the present and in haunting flashbacks. This includes the tragic events at the Nibelheim reactor, where a younger Tifa confronts him.

We also catch glimpses of the impending major battle against the dangerous alien entity, Jenova, which has ensnared the planet since its arrival via a meteor. However, the exact location of this battle remains uncertain.

One thing is certain—we can expect new twists to the already incredible storyline, accompanied by tantalizingly vague foreshadowing from Sephiroth: “You know that I killed her, so who is she?”

The trailer concludes with a new release window for the game: Spring 2024. Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth will be released on two discs this time, surpassing the scale of ‘Remake.’

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Currently, Final Fantasy VII: Remake is available on PS4, PS5, and PC. Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth will initially release exclusively on PS5.